Urgent appeal to trace owner of frightened dog found in Cheshire fields

A desperate search is underway to trace the owner of a dog who was found abandoned in Cheshire.

The elderly collie was discovered on Friday (September 6th) at around 4pm in a field near Austins Hill, Tarvin.

It is not known whether the dog was abandoned or simply got lost when he was found on Friday afternoon.

“He is very timid and frightened,” said Debbie, who was part of the group who found the timid pooch.

“The dog warden was notified but we made the decision to look after the dog temporarily as it would have stressed the dog, which is old and they only keep them for seven days.

“The dog is safely being fostered, not in kennels.

“I would like to think the dog was not abandoned but we cannot rule it out, it would be a very cruel act if that was the case.

“Maybe an elderly person who is not on social media has lost him?

“He was clean and well cared for as he was not thin and the vets said he had good teeth.

“The dog is obviously pining for its owner, it’s sad to see.”The collie is described as brown and white, elderly and is not chipped.

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