Update from Wayne May who has been taking phone calls to DogLost this week.

Over the past week, Doglost received numerous calls, praising and thanking coordinators and volunteers for all there help, reuniting people with there pets, and lending a sympathetic ear when needed.

We all know how distressing it is to loose a companion, being there for support  when needed, is a small gesture that comforts many.
Our  volunteers and coordinators are often over looked, receiving such calls of praise makes the day worth while.
The last week has  Been extremely busy, reuniting lost dog’s, comforting owners when there pets have sadly passed away, and finding long term stolen dog’s, These are the real highs and lows of being a volunteer.
Cumbria police also need a special mention, their ethics  and willingness to help, surpassed all expectations, who’s actions resulted in the recovery of two stolen Dog’s, acting speedily and profesonally, liaising with dog lost and the vet’s ensured both stolen dog’s We’re recovered quickly and reunited.
I would also like to thank our coordinators, personally  for all the help you have given myself and Doglost, you have all been instrumental in the smooth running of Dog lost, and assisting in every way, I truly appreciate Everyone’s help, along with the successful reuniting of dog’s. Thank you.


  1. Karen Harding 3 months ago

    Thank you for everything Wayne! You were an absolute star. It felt like a real team effort and there were some really good results too xx

  2. Marie Atherton 3 months ago

    Well done you all are amazing team for the great work you all do 🐾💕🐕🐶

  3. Martin 3 months ago

    Good on your Wayne keep the good work on mate doing a good job for the public Martin

  4. Jayne
    Jayne 3 months ago

    Gosh what a star Wayne is! on one day alone he fielded 63 phone calls for DogLost…and reunited several dogs…Grateful owners have donated to DogLost …And mentioned it was because of the work Wayne did…All donations have gone to Artisan rescue to help fund the food they need….If Wayne had not taken the calls…I would not have been able to update the DogLost database and send out alerts…It just gets busier everyday …I am so proud of all of us coming together to help these poor animals…I can only say how in awe I am of the true people I have met on DogLost and our wonderful co-ordinators and helpers.

  5. Jane Frankland 3 months ago

    Was certainly a week to remember but it was Wayne as head of great team work..some often up to the early hours of the morning sorting out dogs for owners.(I am a morning lark not a night owl but always in gratitude for my police team who I know will be there – an amazing team of dedicated special people!)

  6. Sherlock 3 months ago

    Wayne, you are truly one very precious shining star who always finds time to support both pet owners and Doglost volunteers ….your work is a huge credit to everyone involved in Doglost and your guidance is invaluable ….a huge Thankyou back to you x

  7. Tony 3 months ago

    Well done wayne doin a really good job keep up hard work

  8. Caroline 3 months ago

    Great article, this article underlines the meaning of teamwork in every sense of the world, also a very big well done to Wayne , I’m glad he represents our community.

  9. Caroline 3 months ago

    Great article ,this article underlines teamwork in every sense of the world , also well done to Wayne ,I’m glad we have someone like him representing our community.

  10. Poochpal 3 months ago

    Agree with all of the above, we’ll done Wayne with the phones.
    I am so lucky to have a great team of coordinator’s and volunteers here in the South West who are always willing to support and help wherever they can.
    We couldn’t do it all without the team spirit that exists throughout the UK due to the website. All down to one woman who knew what it’s like to have a dog stolen and how little support there was all those years ago.

  11. nickyb 3 months ago

    luv wayne and the team – i met my heroine miss doglost Jayne when she was at dogfest recently and just loved to hear all the stories. hope i never lose any of my dogs – but knowing doglost is there is very reassuring. christmas day 2 yrs ago my hubby and i went searching/postering for a little chihuahua lost from m6 knutsford services. thanks to the finders wife seeing the doglost poster when he returned with the little injured dog they could ring owners immediately

  12. Jan Lancashire 3 months ago

    Wayne has been fantastic this last week. Meg and Sprite missing for 17 months both got reunited thanks to the hard work Wayne put in.It has been one of the busiest weeks ever for missing dogs and Wayne has been a great asset to us all.Thank you Wayne for helping us all out xxxx

  13. SAMPA 3 months ago

    Wayne is our DogLost representative for Stolen And Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA). We really appreciate all the hard work that is done behind the scenes. Well done all and thank you.

  14. Michele Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Always thankful for everything the team does! 👍🏻👏🏻🙏🏻❤️

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