Update from the Director of Artisan Rare Breeds & Animal Rescue, Wayne May

Despite living in a caravan at the rescue during lockdown, Wayne is still accepting animals with no place to go.

During the last 48 hours, out of the many animals taken in, there were two meerkats, many Siberian foxes, a Saluki and several birds.

All these extra animals need feeding. If you believe you can help them, please contact them today via email at artisanrarebreeds@gmail.com or donate via their PayPal (using the same email).

They are a HMRC registered charity (XT37291).

Or, if you need face masks, all profits will go to Wayne’s rescue. Details regarding these can be found here.


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    jayne 12 months ago

    The 2 pesky Meerkats are getting through a kilo of live meal worms a day! As well as eggs. Wayne is finding it hard to track down the meal worms at the moment. NB non live meal worms do not have the protein that they need…Anyone know of a supplier with stock?
    Thank you!

  2. Avatar
    jayne 12 months ago

    Thank you Graham and Nia from Drone SAR…much appreciated!

  3. Avatar
    Christine Boulton 12 months ago

    Amazon have live meal worms on the site. Yummy. Sent 3 packs this evening. Should arrive Friday.

  4. Avatar
    Christine Boulton 12 months ago

    Kilo bags available on EBay

  5. Avatar
    Wayne May 12 months ago

    Thank you everyone, so much.

  6. Avatar
    jayne 12 months ago

    Thank you to all that are supporting Artisan rescue!

  7. Avatar
    jayne 11 months ago

    Wayne has just said his accountant checked donations into his rescue last year and over £3,000 came from DogLost Volunteers…Thank you to everyone! The least we can do to show appreciation for Waynes invaluable import with stolen dog advice and of course getting police assistance.

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