Update from Artisan rescue.

We are launching a new appeal, to help replace our existing boat,  marine rescue.

Our current boat is over a decade old and is no longer viable for us.
A replacement boat will cost around a £1000.00.
Our current boat runs between Greenhithe Kent, to Southend on sea, in the past we have rescued many swans, sea birds and dogs that have been caught out by the tide.
Our strangest rescue a few years ago was rescuing a soay ram stuck in mud on the fore shore.
Please help by sharing our donate link.
Thank you.
Wayne May.


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 2 years ago

    Such a worthy cause have donated and I know a few of our co-ordinators have sent down cheques…Thank you!

  2. Avatar
    Nicola Round 2 years ago

    Wales team have donated 😁 x

  3. Avatar
    Wayne May 2 years ago

    Thank you WALES X

  4. Avatar
    nickyb 2 years ago

    i will send donation – these small groups of kind people do so much for animals just simply because they care

  5. Avatar
    Wayne May 2 years ago

    Thank you Nicky B x

  6. Avatar
    Wayne May 2 years ago

    Thank you everyone that’s donated so far, we have secured enough fund’s to put a deposit down on a new boat and trailer.
    Thanks also the the volunteers that will be stripping down the old vessel tomorrow to salvage the useable components.
    We have looked into recycling the old vessel in an appropriate way, sadly these are limited for boat fibre glass in the U.K..
    The great news is we have found some where for the old boat to go, it will now be collected and used as part of garden play area in the coming month’s, and the new owner is donating a £100.

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