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Firstly this post is NOT a dig at any foreign rescue or any dogs coming into the country where ever they are from. We are here for ALL missing dogs, but every now and then we will get a large number of overseas rescue dogs coming into the country and inevitably coming onto our group and also many other groups like us requesting help to search.

It’s very clear a large number of these foreign rescue dogs will have been brought over on occasions and sadly two or three maybe even more may go missing within a few days of arrival. Some sadly even getting killed on our roads and rail tracks which is very sad indeed. With this in mind is it not time for these rescues to take action to prevent this? 

One course of action could be for the rescue to purchase a batch of trackers, to hand one to each adopter, to use for a month until the dog is settled, or even the adopter could be encouraged to purchase a tracker themselves on a monthly rolling contract then should any of these rescue dogs go missing time looking for them is cut right down, and it can be located and got safe quicker.

It is sad to hear the tales of these dogs that can be on the run, many of them for months, and then extreme actions carried out to get them safe, and all the time at risk on our roads and railways where they have no experience of the volume of traffic.

The trackers could be handed back to the rescue to be given to the adopters/fosters of the next batch of dogs brought in. We all know a tracker when fully charged will give 4 or 5 days tracking coverage and I think its important we know where these dogs are within the first few days of missing which would give us a head start on their locations. What are other peoples thoughts on this?

As stated this post is NOT intended as a dig at anybody and any derogatory comments will be removed.

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Comment from Jayne at Doglost…Graham rang to say this post…only on today has had over 230 comments and 8,000 shares..

Doglost will always help any Dog without question..But maybe there are things we can work on together for the dogs?

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    georgina murray 1 month ago

    I know logistics are difficult (I remember trying to get the rescue ID tags back once a dog had been adopted) but it is a sound idea ….. some rescues seem to have more missing than others and common sense seems to be out of the window where the dog goes awol before even getting to a new home, so it would be difficult to enforce ūüôĀ

    It had crossed my mind that as there have been a few instances of people who are sometimes mentally confused (ie dementia) who go out with their dogs it would be a great idea if the families would put a tracker on the dog. I know there are times when the person and dog are found separately days apart but it would help in the first few hours of them going missing to give an area in which to concentrate a search

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