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At the moment, we have over 47,000 followers and we will always be extremely grateful to each and every person who retweets our posts and helps to spread the word about missing pets.  You never know where your re-tweet will go – so please join in and help us spread the word

The system is not currently set up to share pictures automatically to Twitter so I copy the poster from the DogLost Website and Tweet it  in order to get all the information out there ASAP


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 4 years ago

    Thanks Sarah! Your Twittering is really an essential part of sharing the lost dog posters.

  2. Avatar
    Helen Jermy 4 years ago

    Thank you Sarah, I am very grateful for all your hard work with Twitter to help get the missing dogs back home again x

  3. Avatar
    DogLost PR Team 4 years ago

    Of course, this is just a small part of DogLost’s Twitter operation. Everyday we ReTweet messages from desperate owners and concerned dog wardens, vets and the police. We use the network to get out our public information messages on fireworks, dog theft and even bad weather ! We also ReTweet messages from our partners Vets Get Scanning, Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance and Pet Theft Awareness so that everyone is up to date on campaigning. And if a dog is reunited, you’ll hear the good news first on Twitter as that’s automated as well.

  4. Avatar
    Stephen 4 years ago

    Great to hear of the behind the scenes workings and effort that’s required to get the message out quickly through as many channels as possible! Go Team Twitter (PR)! 🙂

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