This week’s volunteer of the week award goes to…

Selina Clarke! Selina was nominated 4 times, here’s why:

From Jayne Hayes (Founder)… Selina deserves this because of her years of hard work helping dogs get back home.

From Janice Wiggin (East Dorset Area Co-ordinator)… Selina has gone above and beyond to help get the dogs home safely. Her proactivity doesn’t always get the recognition she deserves as she goes about her work quietly but with fantastic results!

From Gina Benson/Poochpal (SW Regional Co-ordinator)… Selina deserves this because, after at least 4 days roaming an area, Selina calmed and proved to authorities that with time and patience a very frightened and injured dog could be captured safely. Selina sat quietly gaining her trust by offering food which after tossing some on the ground she was taking from her outstretched hand. Rumour was spreading that the dog was dangerous and others had suggested calling the police, Selina was able to keep the dog in a safe area till the RSPCA could attend and with the help of a local rescue, she was captured.

From Jenny Wright (West Hampshire Area Co-ordinator)… She is an asset to DL and always goes the extra mile to get pets home safe.

Don’t forget any nominees for this week that weren’t chosen go straight into next weeks nominations. You can nominate them (for next week) here.


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    Selina 1 year ago

    I’m so embarrassed. Thank you all of you that voted for me. I had got so fed up people saying she was aggressive when she was clearly just terrified and needed a chance to show herself. Thanks also goes to everyone that helped with the trap and laying food the day before and those that kept fetching food so I could just sit and keep her calm until the appropriate people got there couldn’t have done it without there help. And especially the resident who rung to let us know where she was hiding so we could start work on gaining her trust initially.

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    KAREN HARDING 1 year ago

    Ah well done Selina!! A well deserved accolade for a thoroughly nice lady who does everything for the dogs x

  3. Avatar
    Sharon Wardle 1 year ago

    Congratulations Selina, Your perseverance & patience paid off. Well done xx

  4. Avatar
    Graham Burton 1 year ago

    Well done Selina, very well deserved. Your are always there for us when needed and we work well together as a team as do many of your Doglost colleagues. To get this nomination just goes to show how much you are thought of and respected. Good luck for the future keep on doing what you do best and that’s getting these fur babies back home with their owners xxx

    Graham (Founder of Drone SAR)

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    Graham Burton 1 year ago

    PS hopefully meet up again at a dog show in some remote field near you. 😁😁😁

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