The weather outside is frightful, but these dog leggings are delightful

Apart from the odd boot or coat, dogs have very little protection from the elements. That means, when you’re walking little Patch or Poppy or Peach, they could walk on broken glass or into dangerous chemicals. It also means that if you forget to wash Bella or Buttercup or Buttons before they get indoors, they can track all manner of foul things through the house. OR, you could get them some of these stylish and practical dog leggings from Walkee Paws, and there is no more danger to Fido or the upholstery. They were designed by New Yorker Lisa Baronoff for her Cocker Spaniel Toffee.

She was worried about Toffee tracking all sorts of city junk through the house, or what he might be ingesting when he licked his paws after a walk. Boots weren’t a great option for Toffee, since he hated putting them on, and even when she could get them on he’d kick them off after a short time. So, using her experience in hosiery and toy development, she started experimenting with her own tights. Baronoff saw how much more receptive she was to a legging style, and began working on a 4-way stretch fabric and tightening tool, as well as putting thin rubber feet on the bottoms. This allows the dog to feel like they’re walking on the ground (which is a step up from standard boots which may confuse pups) but also protects the paws. You slide them on like tights, adjust the tightener and watch your dog strut around like it’s on Britain’s Next Top Model. They come in three sizes and four different patterns; camo, tartan, polka dots, and plain. Walkee Paws are also machine washable. Unfortunately, they’re only available in the US at present, but you can keep an eye on the website to see any updates


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