Shih Tzu with incurable cancer goes on ‘bucket list’ road trip with heartbroken owner

The owner of a dog diagnosed with aggressive cancer is on a bucket list road trip to create a scrapbook of memories for when her beloved pet dies.

When Zanna Canavan’s pet Shih Tzu Charlie, 13, was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer she was determined to make sure their final days together were memorable.

On Wednesday, Zanna, Charlie and their pal Scott began their road trip and visited Game of Thrones filming spots, Titanic Quarter in Belfast, Omagh, Newry, Armagh, Newcastle and beyond.

Speaking to Belfast Live, Zanna said they are taking things day-by-day.

Charlie visited Game of Thrones filming sites (Image: Irish Mirror)
Charlie, Zanna and Scott on the road trip (Image: Irish Mirror)

“I got Charlie when he was four, and that was eight and a half years ago,” she said.

“He’s very quiet and such a loving wee dog who loves to go on walks and car rides and his favourite food is cheese.

“He’s now 13 and is getting very old and he couldn’t walk on his back legs anymore and kept throwing up his food so we decided to take him to the vets thinking it was arthritis and that he would be ok again.

“He has tumours on his neck, his shoulder, chest and back legs.

Charlie and Scott at Dark Hedges (Image: Irish Mirror)

“The vet then gave us pain killers for him and said to spoil him as he really won’t have long left. I was absolutely devastated – Charlie is my first pet and always wanted a dog when I was younger.

“I got home from the vets completely broken and went on the phone to Scott to tell him the news.

“We always take him for walks and in the car with us and I said to Scott that we should take him to get some nice food and give it to him as me and my family have a bucket list to do for him before he passes.

“This is when Scott came up with the idea to drive him around Northern Ireland and take him to all the beautiful sights and make a scrapbook of all the photos.”

Charlie at Downhill Demesne (Image: Irish Mirror)
Charlie and Zanna on their final journey together (Image: Irish Mirror)

Zanna said the journey was emotional and that they have so many amazing memories with Charlie over the years.

Charlie has been with me for so long and has made so many memories with me I wasn’t ready to let him go,” she said.

“But his little body can’t keep up with it all.”


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