Scampi on his way home after 5 years

Scampi was stolen from his home in Coleford BA3 five years ago…and has now been located .

Read more on Scampi’s DogLost timeline…

Thanks helpers madmudmob for putting the link to the found dog onto Scampis page…Thanks for taking the time to check so far back…


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    S Williams 3 years ago

    This little lad was one of the first we shared back in December 2013…. Since then we shared and tweeted him so often and this…. This has really truly made my day

    He also went 3 months before Pup so he has rekindled small hope to bless him

    Welcome back beautiful. You will live in my heart to now forever xxxxx

  2. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Amazing to have 3 long timers back! Just shows they are out there and to never give up…Paws crossed its Pup next!

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      S Williams 3 years ago

      Bless you Jayne re Pup… Scampi has shown it can be done bless him…..

      3 very long term missing Cockers and Fifi to means its time we had an ESS … Saying that I know so many have waited longer than we … Some are like Scampi getting older to but selfishly I need Pup found I really do xx

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    Bobble 3 years ago

    5 years older, but still Scampi inside, so pleased for him and his family who never, ever gave up hope. Gives hope to others too.

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      S Williams 3 years ago

      He is 13 bless him but they posted avid and he looks so happy…. We shared and tweeted him so often I know he is going to stay in my heart but I also can use him being found as a beacon of hope…. Its been hard since the 3 year mark for us really so a dog before pup has really helped lol xx

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    patlucky 3 years ago

    That is brilliant news
    I always remember Molly and how her owner search
    It would be so nice if she got found
    Dog ID 44559

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