Reunited Zena hits the press.

A missing dog has finally been found after three women decided to get creative with their search. Zena – a Bosnian rescue dog – escaped through an open door at her foster home, back in April. The news of the lost puppy reached Shelly Spiller, Amanda James and Hazel Richards – the trio behind the Bristol and Somerset Missing Dogs Facebook group. Following several confirmed sightings of the two-year-old terrier-cross, the women decided to take matters into their own hands.

The threesome set up night patrols in Blaise Castle Park, with a supply of meaty treats to tempt the runaway back.

After a month passed without success, the three women decided to launch a GoFundMe page to raise £500 to buy a specialist wildlife camera. The dedication didn’t stop there. They also chipped in a few hundred pounds of their own money, to put towards some night-vision goggles. After successfully raising the money, the trio planted treats in the park and installed cameras to see what the pooch was up to.

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