Reunited Pixie story

Pixie went missing from her home in Southmoor near Abingdon, Oxfordshire on Wednesday 17th October, despite extensive efforts to find her, there were no reported sightings.  By the weekend, concern was really growing for Pixie’s welfare, at 17 years old she suffers many ailments associated with old age & requires a specialist diet

On Monday morning, Doglost HQ received anonymous information to suggest that Pixie was safe with someone who had found her, but didn’t want to hand her back.  Following two days of negotiations with the finder, assistance from Thames Valley Police, South Oxon District Council & Noahs Ark, Pixie was finally handed to the dog warden & here she is happily home where she belongs!  Thanks also go to the entire Doglost Oxfordshire team who spent this time making ongoing calls in an attempt to verify snippets of information given throughout negotiations, this truly was a team effort.
We are unable to answer any questions or give any more in depth information as there is an ongoing Police investigation into Pixie’s disappearance.
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  1. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Well done all…especially LisaP …I know how many emails/calls you have had over this! I cannot imagine how finder thought an anonymous email saying dog is all right and with her is going to make us give up on returning her to her rightful owner!

  2. Avatar
    Maxine 3 years ago

    Amazing. Brilliant work by the Oxfordshire team. Well done LisaP for your dedication.

  3. Avatar
    Nicky 3 years ago

    Great result well done Team Pixie

  4. Avatar
    Valerie Dean 3 years ago

    It was great to be part of the DogLost Team working closely with Veterinary Practices and other agencies to get Pixie REUNITED

  5. Avatar
    Lin Iddon 3 years ago

    Well done Team Oxfordshire!!! Another one home safe x

  6. Avatar
    nickyb 3 years ago has to be the best organisation in the world – and this wonderful happy ending is what makes them the best. thankyou everyone who made this happy ending

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