Reunited Floss…the story.

Thank you to Amylee for checking the DogLost database and reuniting Floss…in her own words..

“I came home from work and noticed 2 young boys looking at a dog who was asleep in the garden next door. I went into the garden and checked her over, she was very weak and in bad shape. I offered her some water and while she was drinking I called my boss Dawn at Rescue Kitties Manchester and advised the condition of the dog. Dawn started RKM because she volunteers for an animal reunite group called #itsallabouttheanimals, and was shocked to find a massive shortfall of rescue spaces for pregnant strays and cats with litters. The state of the dog was the first concern, so Dawn told me to rush her to the vets under our Rescue Kitties account, we would worry about the bill later, but send the chip number so she could work on finding the owner while I got her veterinary care. A lot of us have scanners to check our fosters’ microchips, I sent the details across to Dawn, who sent them to #itsallabouttheanimals. We were gutted to hear back that the details of the chip were out of date, and the phone number didn’t work. Angela Hoy, one of their admins, made a lost post and everyone started searching online for the owner. We started piecing together her amazing journey from the responses! The vet advised that Floss had been clipped by a car and had quite a lot of cuts inside her mouth. She was full of fleas and very underweight. She was flea treated and wormed, and given antibiotics and painkillers and she came home with me. I bought sensitive tummy food and slowly she started to perk up. With no owner found all the info we had from the chip was her name. Angela searched through the DogLost files …and there she was!!! It’s unlikely we would have found them without that post! She contacted the owner and told them she was safe with me, he called me very emotional and asked if he could make the 3.5 hour journey to my house that very day to pick up his girl. He’d hunted long and hard for her since losing her on a walk on Woodhead pass. After a very emotional reunion and some tears Floss was on her way home, we sat and followed all the days sightings of Floss and we think she had travelled at least 7.5 miles yesterday following the railway lines from Dinting, via Hyde, Flowey Fields and Guide Bridge, no wonder she was so tired. Floss is now home, and has been checked over again by her own vet. Floss was missing for 4 weeks, through snow, and the most horrendous weather conditions. She’s definitely a fighter. ”

read more about rescue kitties here…

Here is Floss awaiting owners arrival being fed chicken…

And here is Owner Sam with Floss…

Follow Floss’s DogLost timeline here…


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    This makes the hard work of maintaining a searchable database worthwhile! Finder was able to search on breed/area to make a match.

  2. Avatar
    georgina 3 years ago

    just a shame that yet another chip had out of date info – sorry for the downer but it happens too ofen!!!

  3. Avatar
    Louise 3 years ago

    What a fabulous reunite!
    Well done Amy Lee for taking quick decisive action to help poor Floss, lost & exhausted; by some very lucky fluke of fate she landed in the best garden , where wheels were set in motion to get immediate help. Fantastic Team work in the background from Dawn Robertson of Rescue Kitties Manchester & IAATA & Angela Hoy IAATA. So glad this girlie made it home & it was a happy ending.
    Stay safe Floss
    L – X ❤😻❤ 🐶

  4. Avatar
    Anne Haywood 3 years ago

    What an amazing story and a happy ending. So good to hear

  5. Avatar
    Majorjet (Jan) - NW Area Co-ordinator 3 years ago

    FANTASTIC ending. WELL DONE and THANK YOU to all involved. WELCOME HOME gorgeous FLOSS. ❤️❤️❤️


  6. Avatar
    nicky brooks 3 years ago

    brilliant news – 4 weeks lost and thro all the really cold weather BUT WHY HASNT HER CHIP BEEN UPDATED???????????? dozens of dogs every day throughout the country on doglost with either chip not registered or out of date details, and no collar with id tag

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