Rags missing 7 years today

Owners appeal…

Tomorrow it is 7 years since Ragsie went missing. She would now be 14. Being a terrier, she may well live another 6 or 7 years, but her friend Wenna, whom she helped to bring up, won’t, especially if she doesn’t meet Ragsie again.
She has now been missing for more time than I had her. If she is a loved dog, part of another family, as long as she is happy, I wouldn’t demand her back – I want Wenna to see her again, and I want to hug her again, and I would want to know that if she becomes old and ill and grumpy she is either safe where she is, or she will come back to me.
Keeping her is still theft – recognised in law as theft, as well as theft of the happiness of her friends, never mind what it has done to me, but we won’t go there.
If you ran her over, or shot her, and have never had the guts to tell me, it is about time you did. I would have understood – accidents happen. Destroying the family of which she was an integral part by covering it up is less understandable.
I thought we maybe had a miracle earlier in the year – obviously we don’t get miracles that big. It nearly destroyed all of us. We so desperately need closure.
Please, if you know anything about where she is, or what happened, let me know – messages can come to me anonymously through Doglost.

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