Puppy’s body washed up on Ramsgate beach tied up into a ball with head wound

A dead puppy was found washed up on a beach tied up into a ball with a fatal head wound.

The RSPCA is now pleading for witnesses to come forward after the six-month-old German Shepherd was discovered on Ramsgate beach.

Officers say it is one of the most shocking incidents they have ever seen and believe the injured dog was dumped in the sea and left for dead.


Warning graphic images…



  1. Avatar
    patlucky 2 years ago

    Scum that is the only word.
    I have been told today that the woman that owned the dog was moving.
    She refused offer of rescue for this poor dog.
    Then this is what happened.
    I am not sure how true this is so hear say really.
    Worst type poor young dog.
    A lady replied on FB she had just lost a GSD.
    She would have given this poor mite a home .
    I edited my words.

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    Denyse 1 year ago

    How do I redirect my Dogs Trust direct debit to your charity?

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