Puppy farming petition.

Tv vet Marc Abrahams asks you to support this petition.


Hi APDAWG Supporters!



Just wanted to make sure you were aware of the brand new Government e-petition calling for Lucy’s Law’s ban on puppies in pet shops and all commercial third party sellers launched this weekend which APDAWG endorses and supports 100%.

So far the petition has reached over 23,000 signatures in just 3 days, and when it reaches 100,000 signatures it will be debated in Parliament.


To show all your supporters how much – like APDAWG – you’d like to see Lucy’s Law become a reality, and how much you support an immediate end to cruel puppy farming (enabled/encouraged/facilitated by third party sales of pups), would you please consider helping the petition reach its target ASAP by supporting with one or more (preferably all four if you’re able?) of the following simple actions:

1. Sharing the petition link on your personal/organisation’s Facebook page encouraging your supporters to sign and share
2. Tweeting the petition link to your supporters encouraging them to sign and share using hashtag #LucysLaw
3. Adding the link to your e-newsletter and sending to your database asking subscribers to sign and share
4. Mentioning the petition with link on your blog/website



For more information about Lucy’s Law please click here.

Thanks again for all your support of APDAWG and a ban on third party puppy sales/Lucy’s Law; and for working together to be an active part of positive change for dogs and UK animal welfare.

Kind regards,
Marc Abraham BVM&S MRCVS and the APDAWG Team

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