Phoebe’s firework fuelled runaway

Phoebe, my 5 months miniature Dachshund, ran away from home on New Year’s Day (at 00:01). 

After 48 hours of agony and never giving up (walked over 40 miles), I was able to find her, hiding in the middle of some bushes outside of the estate – this happened when I turned my back because I couldn’t open the gate and was about to give up. I couldn’t believe my eyes… it was a miracle.

At first, I could see that Phoebe was extremely scared and remembered what Salli said; so I laid down on the floor and waited for Phoebe to approach me. After a couple of minutes, trying to hold myself, she came across the field, jumped on me and started licking my face.

Every time I look at her, I still can’t believe that my baby is here but I’m so, so thankful for this…

Thank you for everything Salli.


You can view Phoebe’s story here:

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    Jenny Wright , Doglost co- ord for West Hampshire 1 year ago

    Aw great news Ricardo , so pleased all ended well,,,,,,,, Salli your a star for giving great advice .Stay safe now Phoebe 💖💖

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