Philip Schofield winds up dogs and owners on This Morning

It came as Phillip Schofield and Rochelle discussed photos viewers had sent in of their pets watching the programme.

Phillip then looked toward the camera to tell ITV viewers to get their phones out.

The host left a long pause as he encouraged those at home with pets to start filming, and it was unclear what his intentions were.

It then became apparent he was trying to rile up some dogs for their owners.

Rochelle didn’t appear to know what Phillip was up to and she was quick to hit out at him.

“That is so mean,” she declared. “That’s mean for the dogs, mean for the owners who have now got to go out for a walk.”

Turning to the camera, Rochelle added: “I’m sorry.”

However, it looked as though Phillip got a mixed reaction from the pets watching at home.

Viewers took to Twitter to share how their dogs reacted to his stunt.

Watch here to see the reaction…And the video…

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