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An article by guest blogger Jenkins .. .DogLost s  Admin for found dogs.

“A few weeks, I wrote to Gumtree to complain about their “Free to Good Home” adverts and adverts with very low selling prices.   I sent them a picture of a dog that has been used for dog baiting to let them understand my concerns about what can happen to dogs advertised via their site.

As expected, I received a totally inadequate response which stated “Animal welfare is our number one priority in our Pets category. Our goal is that all animals advertised for sale online are advertised legally and ethically.   We rely on users doing everything they can to check their furry (or scaly) friend is going to a responsible home.“  They then referred to their Rehoming Guide and listed the clauses.

I responded back to them “Most of the people who place these ads don’t care what happens to these animals (dogs, or cats or whatever) and will not read your rehoming guides.    They only want to be rid of them and don’t have any interest who takes them and whether they are going to a good home!!   What Gumtree need to do is STOP PEOPLE PLACING THESE ADVERTS IN THE FIRST PLACE.   You should only accept adverts advertising dogs particularly above a certain value, perhaps £100 and that will greatly reduce these animals getting in the wrong hands and be used for dog baiting.    No animal should be advertised on your site for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I asked them to refer my comments to someone in authority who can make decisions but I am not holding out hope of anyone in Gumtree paying attention.

Meanwhile, there is a petition circulating which over 182,000 people have already signed so if you feel as strongly about this as me, please sign and let’s get this ended for once and for all! “


  1. Blogmod
    Blogmod 3 years ago

    Well done Jenkins, surely nothing will happen if we don’t try!
    I have signed the petition too x

  2. Avatar
    S Williams 3 years ago

    Well done Jenkins.

    Unfortunately these selling sites are Teflon coated…Sadly the parent company in the USA is to.

    Petition after petition has failed to stop the ftgh or under 8 weeks old sales and one failed to stop all 4 selling sites from having adverts about selling Animals on them at all…

    We trawl the 4 every day looking for our stolen girl. Its these 4 selling sites especially that remain a golden opportunity for thieves to off load our family members (not personal items – still angry at that) through to.

    We also emailed them back along and they are not bothered their guidelines are broken daily, they are soulless, unethical and a lot of other things.

    I would love the selling of Animals through these sites banned but sadly I don;t think it will happen soon however much it needs to.

    Please let us know if they bother to reply again xx

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    Cheryl West 2 months ago

    I totally agree about stopping the sale of dogs on Gumtree.
    My dog and my family have suffered due to my sick boy which I bought from Gumtree.

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