Pet theft awarenessweek.

As we all know pet theft awareness week is fast approaching, and its not just dogs being stolen.
Over the past few years the theft of raptors ( birds of prey ) is also on the increase, along with other avian species, for example parrots and cage and aviary birds.
Many birds of prey that are cities listed must have an article 10,  legal papers to obtain, own or sell in the uk. The IBR independent bird register is the version of dog lost UK, where you can report missing, lost or stolen birds.
Like many dogs that are stolen birds of prey often need a specialist diet and accommodation.
As our raptor rescue grows annually,  we are becoming more aware of the rise in birds of prey stolen.
As the name suggests forging an alliance across all fields of animals and there keepers and raising awareness of these crimes can only benefit us all.
Please ensure you have signed the petition available here…
Wayne may


  1. Avatar
    Lisa Ann West 3 years ago

    Shared to Doglost Oxfordshire and Doglost Berkshire. x

  2. Avatar
    Jimmi smith 3 years ago

    Once again great to see doglost showing the diversity covering all the aspects of pets, and the need to raise the awareness of pet theft.

  3. Avatar
    Martin harms 3 years ago

    As awareness week is coming upon us keep an eye on all your pets and birds and it will prevent crimes and keep your pets safe

  4. Avatar
    kye austen 3 years ago

    Really pleased to see birds of prey mentioned, my barn owl was stolen in 2015 and ive never seen or heard anything since. I will be signing the petition.

  5. Avatar
    Teela 3 years ago

    Finally a voice for falconers, there isnt a pet owner that should go through the devasting affects of pet theft regardless of what animal they keep would like to hear more from wayne on security for birds of prey as an avid bird keeper not enough is covered in the prevention of crime

  6. Avatar
    Andrew Angell 3 years ago

    Once again great article jayne keep them coming.

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