Pet Theft Awareness Week 14th – 21st March

In the run up to Dog Theft Awareness Day / Pet Theft Awareness Week (14th-21st March) we have produced this to highlight a few points to all dog owners.

May be an image of dog and text that says "DOG THEFT PREVENTION! KEEP LOTS GOOD PHOTOGRAPHS Front, Ûi specific distinguishing ENSURE YOUR DOGIS MICROCHIPPED Make edetails registered and BEWARE OF SOCIAL MEDIA away u know whoi watching. MOST DOG THEFTS HAPPEN FROM GARDENS HOMES, FOLLOWED BY OUTSIDE SHOPS/IN CARS NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG LOCKED IN VAN NEVER LEAVE YOUR TIED OUTSIDE SHOP ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DOGS Vary NEVER LEAVE YOUR GARDEN OWN SIGHT take walking tob Never Always walk nobody else around children alone VIGILANT, attention, don't looking phone REPORT ATTEMPTED THEFTS DOG LOST Pet Theft Awareness 01633 673 859 e-mail: Stolen Missing Pets Alliance"

Read more about Pet Theft Awareness Week at:
Keep a look out here and on the national and local DogLost Facebook groups for further details and more ways you can help protect your pets from theft.


  1. Avatar
    Christine Boulton 2 months ago

    This is great but not everyone uses Facebook.

  2. Avatar
    GeoffA 2 months ago

    We will endeavour to include highlights here on The Blog for Dogs as well as Facebook.
    Pet Theft Awareness also has a website at:

  3. Jayne
    Jayne 2 months ago

    Thank you GeoffA that would be great as I do not do FB either However others from Doglost do and will be participating along with Dr Dan and Debbie Mathews…Great poster Karen!

  4. Avatar
    nickyb 2 months ago

    when i see lost pets on facebook i always ask them to put on not least because it can then be seen by the millions who dont use facebook

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