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Ada on Lost and found, Channel 4.

And todays featured dog is Ada… Great to see longtime  DogLost Helper Linda out on the search to help find Ada! Never seen a thermal imaging camera in operation before… Linda kindly raised money to buy the camera for use by Doglost local helpers by being sponsored to have her hair cut into a rainbow […]

Volunteer of the week…

Cynthia screen name Nina. Nominated by Myself for the unsung work Cynthia does behind scenes by catching up with all the latest comments (as admin don’t have time to read every post) …and sending an email to us to let us know which we need to action/bump/monitor….along with a link so we can click straight […]

Cookie on lost and found Channel 4.

Another happy ending!  So lovely to see how much dogs mean to people and how many like minded people join together to spread the word to help distressed owners. Area Coordinator Lisa… screen name Westie123  was straight on the case to assist owner…putting details on Doglost on owners behalf…spreading on social media…and most importantly giving […]

DogLost weekly stats.

November 22nd to November 28th. 166 dogs reunited. 201 new members. 1,731 posts. 23,183  missing dog alerts sent to helpers. 54,000 visitors.

Sky on Lost and found channel 4.

Great to see Sky back with her family…none the worse for her ordeal after being out alone for 25 hours and only a 13 week old puppy! If you missed it watch again here… Catch up on Sky.s Doglost page here…

DogLost LICKS…

Local Independent Community K9 Supporters…The first of  many to come is Wellingborough Dog Squad… Nominated by Area coordinator LisaP because… “Wellingborough Dog Squad are a great support to Doglost in Northamptonshire.  As co-ordinators we cover a large area & the support of such local groups is a great help.  They have detailed knowledge of the […]

jaynes Journal

Why do I have a photo of a shop as tile header?  Its a local shop that at the moment is printing some sample t -shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces for us…due to collect today/tomorrow and will be wearing one each day so you can see what you think of them… Yesterday we had the best blog […]

Jaynes Journal.

And what an exciting ,busy day! Great footage on channel 4 Lost and found for missing dogs…Sarah did us proud! see the Creme tile for link to view. I was hoping to have mastered the selfie camera by now …sadly not!…so you are stuck with the recurring image.. See the shop has now been added […]

Creme on lost and found channel 4.

Lovely to see Creme being reunited on Lost and found and good to put a face to a name for volunteer sarah Price! The trap worked! Well done to the kennels for supplying. Was glad you were there Sarah to  drive the owners to the trap as they looked so excited I doubt if they […]

And volunteer of the week goes to…

Helen East Anglia coordinator! Spent the whole day wrapped up in her doglost fleece as an invited guest to Animal Magic Dog Club at North Walsham in Norfolk. Also Helen is going to be on Radio Norfolk on Tuesday talking about the first episode of channel 4’s lost and found series featuring Sarah and Creme…cant […]

Reunited Freddie.

Local coordinator Christine Hinton and helpers combined with UAV SAR have just completed a successful  search and found Freddie And a lovely reunited photo featuring Craig from UAV SAR…well done everyone…I hear there is a video …please send to us so we can put on the blog. Reunited Video Link!

Jaynes Journal.

Need I say more?   Gearing up for Wales V New Zealand this afternoon. …Scotland almost won last week so we need to show the All Blacks some Welsh spirit now….Bring out the dragons!!! This week we had some sad news about Glynafon passing away…Thank you everyone for your kind comments the family really appreciate your […]

Daily Express features lost and found and DogLost.

Stuart who I have been in contact with many times for features in the Express rang me yesterday when he saw the release for the show for an update and kindly said we could use the article on our blog…so here we go… Gosh cannot wait till Monday now!

Daisy stolen November 21st.

Please add your support to help Daisy’s desperate owners. Follow Daisy’s story on DogLost… And latest in the local press…

Jaynes journal.

Oh dear after a week of Mum taking photos  of me  for the blog….which either I am in shadow or look like a vampire because of the flash…when she can find the camera! something had to be done… Decided yesterday to buy a selfie camera! Its just arrived! Now anyone that knows me will be […]

And volunteer of the week goes to…

Lesley Jones from Cheshire!    ( screen name Phoebesmum )   Lesley has been helping run the doglost FB auction page and is always making  items to sell to raise money for  DogLost. Lesley and the team from FB auction page have raised  £1,000’s to help missing dogs. Well done Lesley…and a little about  Lesley in […]