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DogLost stats.

January 3rd to January 9th 2018. 169 reunited dogs. 205 new members. 18,056 missing dog alerts sent to helpers. 1,910 comments left on missing dogs by helpers.

DogLost LICKS…

Local Independent Community K9 Supporters…. This week is shared between 2 Scottish groups nominated by GeoffA Area Volunteer… GeoffA  says ”  I have connected with many local lost and found groups over the past 18 months while running the DogLost Facebook groups in Scotland. All of these groups provide a valuable service alongside the national […]

Jaynes Journal.

At last an update from admin! Sorry for delay but its been very busy with  dogs over the festive season. 46 missing dogs in on 1st January alone!  40 the day before! Normally its busy with 20 dogs a day!…But when it reaches 46 then I am still literally in my dressing gown all day […]

Reunited Molly in the local press.

Read more here on the great team effort to find Molly By Sheena Gregory, a frequent contributor to Dana’s Angels Fife FB group: Good Golly Miss Molly There’s a wee white Shitzu named Molly Ran awa fae her auntie’s wan night She wiz so fast naebodae cood follley An vanished richt oot o sight […]


Please support & share for Prudence, we really need to help find her…

DogLost stats.

December 27th to January 2nd 2018. 188 reunited dogs. 274 new members. 27,047 missing dog alerts sent to helpers. 2,315 Comments left on missing dogs by helpers.

Bear reunited video.

DogLosts missing  chihuahua Bear from Thetford made it onto the mail on line today with the reunited video. See the article and watch the video her.

DogLost Monthly Stats.

December 1st to December 31st 2017. 653 dogs reunited. 1028 new members. 101,259 Missing dog alerts sent to helpers. 8,506 Blog views.


Fantastic News!

New year fireworks.

DogLost is preparing itself for a busy period with the inevitable New Years eve fireworks. The organisation deals with hundreds of extra lost dogs at this time of year and is urging owners to follow its advice and keep dogs safe. Jayne Hayes, founder of DogLost, explained: “This is one of the worst times of […]

Pixy back after 3 years.

Amazing  news Pixy is  back after 3 years.  Jill Trick was contacted by a vet to see if she knew any similar missing dogs….Jill trawled through the DogLost database and came across Pixy’s details. Thanks Jill! Makes maintaining a daatbase worhwhile! Hugo was taken with Pixy is still missing so when we find out […]

Waking up…

Not exactly a quiet day yesterday…still had 32 missing dogs alone come in but at least no phone calls during the  night to wake me up! so feeling a bit more in the land of the living today. Also the callers that rang in the early hours of yesterday morning did not leave a telephone […]

The photo says it all…

…I could sleep forever after Yesterday…40 missing dogs alone as well as found dogs and sightings. The phone did not stop all day and went 6 times during the night!  I mean really? what can I do at 3.15am in the morning that cant wait till  7am? Mind you today due to interrupted sleep and […]

DogLost stats.

December 20th to December 26th. 144 reunited dogs. 226 new members. 21,207 missing dog alerts sent to helpers.

Jaynes Journal.

These dogs dont seem to know  its Christmas!  20 naughty pooches went missing yesterday disrupting their families Christmas day.  7  back on the same day  and am sure the others will be snuggled up with finders and be back today or tomorrow when the dog wardens are back at work….I will pick my favourite 2 […]