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Dogs of Christmas past 2015.

Ask the owner of any missing dog the time of year that they dread most and they’ll say Christmas. That stocking full of presents that won’t get opened or that empty food dish that won’t be filled. So DogLost is pleased to bring some Christmas cheer with more than 150 dogs reunited in the week […]

Tomorrow is D day!

…Tomorrow is Developer day! Hence D day! We have lots of things lined up to be done…small changes that we are doing monthly to the DogLost site… so not too much of a shock to members ( or me!  A total technophobe!)…If anyone remembers how the site looked 6 months ago you will agree it […]

Cooper on Lost and found Channel 4.

I remember Cooper really gave us the run around!…lots of sightings reported into admin and on Coopers page. We ended up sending out 4 different sets of alerts covering 17 London postcodes because of Coopers exploits! read the timeline here… When we hear the word Romanian rescue dog we all know its not going […]

Dogs of Christmas past 2016.

Photos by kind permission of the photographer…see more here…some  really lovely  photos! Lets start with one of last years great Christmas reunions. What would your best ever Christmas present be ?” said DogLost’s Jayne Hayes as she called the owner of a Pug stolen more than two years ago. Owner Maurice Loscombe couldn’t quite […]

Keeping your dog safe over Christmas.

Whilst we’re busy greeting guests and keeping everyone entertained and fed, it’s easy for dogs to slip out unnoticed – sometimes for hours before you realise. So here is a little advice to keep your four-legged family member safe:   Check that gates and fences are secure and that your dog can’t dig his way […]

What a week at HQ…

Where do I start? Lots of dogs back….some  DogLost dogs reunited on Channel 4 Lost and found each day…But feedback I am getting from people who have seen the show is they are only showing the reunited dogs….rather than the ones that were filmed and are still missing…It would really have helped owners to have […]

Emergency help for homeless and their dogs

Temperatures are set to dip below zero. Due to this we are activating our ‘Severe Weather Emergency Protocol’ which means we will provide temporary accommodation for people who are sleeping rough on the streets. We have also arranged for any dogs owned by people who are being provided with temporary accommodation to be placed in […]

Max on Lost and found Channel 4.

TJ Dane rescue registered Max as missing with us last November…and although thin on the ground for volunteers in that area people we did email started sharing locally with local groups to assist…One group being dogtheftawareness….our doglost LICKS of the week nominee…see earlier post. Max did not have a good start in life and had […]

DogLost LICKS…

Local Independent Community K9 Supporters…This week goes to Gillian Brydon. Gillian has been a valued member of DogLost for over 4 years…screen name Dogtheftawareness ..  She  helps run many local lost and found sites in the North east always making sure all lost dogs reported to her locally are registered on DogLost’s database…And any that […]

Childs plea to santa…

The local press have kindly done an appeal on behalf of  nine year old autistic Harry and his concerned sister  Millie …all they want for Christmas is their dog Prince back home. Please help them by sharing the DogLost poster…You can make this happen for them!

Sandokan reunited after 4 years.

Great news! Thanks Halo scanners and thanks for linking to the DogLost database so when the vets scanned it came up with ring DogLost…and we were able to provide contact details….Thank you Davidsons vets of Nottingham for calling and supplying a reunited photo….Please remember Jasmine who went missing at the same time and share…

Bonnie on lost and found Channel 4.

I have been waiting for this episode!  Normally a film crew of 3 to 4 go to film missing dogs…In this case just one camera turned up and before the rest could join him it all started to happen….How he managed to film everything constantly for hours on his own is amazing! I was having […]

Catch up from admin…

Exciting news to start with….A vets has just called to say they scanned a French bulldog with halo scanner and it came up with ring doglost as reported missing to us….Checked the chip number and Sandokan went missing 4 years ago! Trying to contact owner but no answer…Jan has managed to find owner on FB […]

Gemma on Lost and found channel 4.

Great to see  owner following scenting advice sent by Alison from admin (especially the dog bed with the poster in…  just in case someone wonders why a dog is in a bed in the middle of nowhere!) … And  to see the  ordeal on film!  Owner was amazing! What a huge area to cover and […]

Is this a Nellie Doodles sketch?

Yes it is!   Thanks  to  Kent co-ordinator BB451 We have permission to use…more exciting news is that a limited signed edition print has been donated to the DogLost Facebook auction page! If you were wondering what to get the friend with everything…maybe the print below would be the perfect present…To see more of Nellies […]

DogLost stats.

November 29th to December 5th. 120 dogs reunited. 277 new members. 16,361 missing dog alerts sent to helpers.

Layla on Lost and found Channel 4.

Lovely to see Layla back home…Clever girl to make her way to Costa Coffee shop! And it shows how important it is to put up posters locally! As finder saw a poster and was able to call a delighted owner….Well done to the security guards who spotted her on their CCTV and were able to […]

Bella on Lost and Found channel 4.

Todays episode features Bella a Doberman Labrador cross rescued from mauritius by a couple who fell in love with her on holiday and brought her home with them for a new life in Crayford. Owner followed  advice and sat down and spoke softly when he saw Bella until he got her confidence…Great to see! Good […]

Jail term for dog owner.

Cruel dog owner gets punished. read more…

The dog and Bone…

More tales from DogLost admin… Phone call to Doglost…I answer with “Good morning DogLost”…they say is that DogLost? …I reply yes…they reply sorry wrong number??? Am still trying to work that one out! And on a daily basis…I will be on the phone to an owner and ask them if they have rung the local […]

Tales from admin.

I am sure people think Admin have a crystal ball! The number of times we have an email stating “my dog is lost can you put on site please?” ….And thats it!  No name,breed,date missing,contact details…where missing from etc…So admin have to reply listing all the information needed…and it comes through in dribs and drabs […]