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Happy Christmas from Luci.

Kent co-ordinator Luci ( screen name BB451) And her dogs Archie,Buddy, Barnie and Alberts send the sesons greetings and have kindly posed in the Christmas spirit…

DogLost on BBC radio Cambridgeshire.

Thank you Radio Cambridgeshire for featuring the owner and myself on the breakfast show this morning at 7am appealing for the return of his stolen pugs.

Missing Dana’s family Christmas wish.

We would like to wish each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas and say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us in our search for Dana! Please accept our Christmas Card to you from us. Sadly though, as some of you may know, on December 18th, Dana will have […]

Lottie in the local press.

Help Lottie get home for Christmas….read article here… Share from here…with direct contact details… Thank you!

Jaynes journal.

Oh Wow!  Just had a surprise delivery see photo above!…How lovely! Thank you to who ever sent it! Also lovely to see NickyB on the blog and at the same time to have a Christmas card from you with another very kind donation to help missing dogs! Thanks both! Been roped into a 7am radio […]

Rex on Lost and found Channel 4.

I took the call from the distressed owner of Rex and put details on DogLost on her behalf… Lovely to know he was found 13 miles away….Owner forgot to tell us though!  only seen it today on Lost and found….Totally understandable with the pressure of having a TV company around filming! Will switch to reunited […]

DogLost stats.

December 13th to December 19th. 161 reunited dogs. 214 new members. 22,338 missing dog alerts sent to helpers.

Lulu featured on Lost and found Channel 4.

Lulu went missing from  Nawton, York on the 22nd of  September,2016. Film crew were with owner following the progress…And the sad conclusion. Owner  made the point of how  important it is to have closure … and  the fact people cared enough to help… Thank you to all that helped.

Welcome Anne! New area volunteer in Central.

I am delighted to introduce Anne Haywood as an area volunteer for the West Midlands area, also providing support in other areas of the Central Region. Anne has been working hard to help lost & stolen dogs in our area for some time and I’m thrilled that she has agreed to take on this role within the Doglost team! You will see Anne on our main website posting as Anne and […]

Stolen Morse on BBC South East.

Please share to help Morse get home for Christmas.  Thank you BBC for covering this family’s plight. And the Daily Mail… And the Sun… Tot pens heartbreaking letter to Santa to find his stolen puppy See more details and the share button here…. Thank you! Together we can make a difference!

Jaynes journal.

Sorry for late posting! Not a lot of dogs in today …but loads of phone calls! I intended to do my Christmas shopping today…but never happened! I am glad to see the blog is getting how we want it to be! And coming soon above the catergory list will be two fixed tiles for Thunderclaps […]

Tales from Admin…

My Head hurts! All my co-ordinators know my least favourite phone call is one that  after I have picked up the phone and  replied DogLost and asked how I can help…The person ringing responds with  ” Well its like this like”… would be surprised how many I get! Firstly… never been able to work out […]

OMG! raffle for dogs on FB?

Have had several emails from concerned doglovers about a person raffling off dogs on FB…more than one! Dont know if a hoax…but if you see any more posts do send link to Here is a link to one such post…  

Blog for Dogs updates.

Well slowly we are getting there with the blog…I should have learnt my lesson with the Website years ago….I have been asking myself for years why I thought I could set up a website when I had never even been on a computer before…. …And here I go again setting up a Blog without ever […]

Kyra on Lost and found Channel 4.

21 days missing…what an ordeal for the owner especially as owner because of a foot injury could not get out to look…Thankfully she had some good friends out looking. And found only 400 foot from her house…disorientated…And lost a lot of weight.  

Suspicious vehicle alert Ledbury area.

Man yesterday in dirty white transit van, brummie accent, red hoodie, dark beanie trying to stop people with dogs (partic. spaniels) and aggressively asking to buy them. One woman took to the fields to avoid him. Also seen driving round looking at houses with dogs,…Ledbury Dymock area. HR8,GL18. Please share to local groups.

DogLost Monthly stats.

November 1st to November 30th. 746 dogs reunited. 879 new members. 108,437 Missing dog alerts sent to helpers. 4,482 Blog views.

Jewels on Lost and Found Channel 4.

Great to see Jewels/Jules on the programme. So unusual for a retriever  to be out for so long. I actually caught sight of myself for a few seconds on camera at HQ! Read more here…