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Dogs go through ‘teenage’ phase when they hit puberty

You want to stay up all night gaming, then sleep in until lunch. You don’t want to listen to your parents or do what you’re told. Adults keep nagging you but no-one understands you. It turns out your dog might. It could be going through the same thing. A study from a team of UK universities suggests […]


The following dogs are featured in the DogLost column in the current issue of The Countryman’s Weekly. For further details on each dog, enter the 6 digit DogLost ID in the search box on the website:

STOLEN Boris from Northants

UPDATE: Boris was found in the horse shelter (which had been searched numerous times). Also he is not hungry so we made him to hot to handle. Boris is a male puppy, a black Labrador Retriever. Each of Boris feet have distinctive tiny white marks on the heels! Boris was STOLEN from his home in […]

Why you shouldn’t get a pet during lockdown

As the saying almost goes: A dog is for life, not just for coronavirus. That’s the message coming from The Kennel Club, one of the UK’s biggest dog welfare organisations. It’s warning people the lockdown is not a time for impulse buying animals without considering their future.  The organisation says searches for puppies on their […]

Hole lot of love…

A distraught dog owner has been reunited with her beloved gundog after he was found trapped in a sinkhole two days after disappearing. Twenty-seven-year old Megan Moody was left devastated after her five-year-old working gundog Ralph disappeared while out walking in Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales earlier this year. “My parents and I took the […]

Providing Care to Your Pets During COVID-19 Quarantine / Isolation

Let’s start off with the good news first. It’s well-believed and generally advised by the CDC that pets are not at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. While the final verdict is still out on the certainty of this, the CDC has not yet received any reports of pets contracting COVID-19 in the United States. In regards […]

DogLost Face Masks Now Available!

Double sided polycotton with added interfacing for more protection and washable with elastic ear straps for snug fit. All profits from sales to go to Wayne May at Artisan Rare Breeds & Animal Rescue to help with food costs. Please email The masks cost £4.50 (including first class postage) and any extra masks will be dispatched […]

Free 5 Day Recall Challenge by Praise and Paw

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kayleigh and I am the Head Behavioural Practitioner at Praise and Paw. I am hosting a Free 5 Day Recall Challenge starting on Monday the 27th of April, the challenge itself is focused on teaching owners how to train their dogs to be called away from the things they […]


Dear Hoomans I have noticed over the past couple of weeks you have been staying in  my home for extended periods of time. It is lovely having you here but I  feel I should set a few ground rules. I would appreciate it if you  would follow the rules whilst you are staying with me. […]

Stray dog Billy is helping out staff at Battersea during the COVID-19 lockdown

As the coronavirus pandemic forces us into lockdown, one dog is lending a helping paw. Two-year-old Billy the Bully Kutta has volunteered at Battersea Dogs Home during the lockdown, helping out staff by manning the security gates, answering calls on reception, and checking in on food supplies. The giant rescue dog – who weights 52kg, […]

Animal charities beg people not to use sky lanterns during clap for carers

Animal charities and farmers have blasted the growing use of sky lanterns and fireworks during weekly tributes to NHS and care workers. The lanterns have been sold for use in the Clap For Carers initiative taking place every Thursday, but are blamed for causing serious harm to livestock and wildlife. Fireworks have been known to […]

Increase in dogs dumped daily

At least one dog a day is being dumped in the Fens area of Cambridgeshire since the pandemic, a warden has said. Caroline Trigg is a dog warden at Fenland District Council and also runs Ravenswood Pet Rescue, which needs donations to help rescue efforts and buy pet food for owners in need.  Ms Trigg said the council […]