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Kennel owner ordered to pay £93k over barking dogs complaint

The owner of a kennel business has been ordered to pay £93,000 in legal costs after a barrister neighbour took her to court complaining about barking dogs. Sharon Tidnam was ordered by a court to reduce noise at Low Farm in Topcroft, Norfolk, in July 2018 but was found guilty in June of breaching the […]

Update from Wayne May who has been taking phone calls to DogLost this week.

Over the past week, Doglost received numerous calls, praising and thanking coordinators and volunteers for all there help, reuniting people with there pets, and lending a sympathetic ear when needed. We all know how distressing it is to loose a companion, being there for support  when needed, is a small gesture that comforts many. Our  volunteers […]

Couple got married and had a dozen dogs attend with one as their best man

A pair of animal overs had a dozen dogs attend their wedding party – including one who was their best man. Kelly and Billy Bleach’s three-year-old Alaskan Malamute Zeus walked up the aisle with a box containing the wedding rings attached to his paw. Alongside the dogs, the couple also had horses attend the ceremony. […]

Boy, 11, ‘thought he would die’ in bull terrier attack

A boy has described the moment his arm was ripped by a dog so badly that he could almost see his own bone. Cooper Johnstone, 11, says he thought he was going to die when he was mauled by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier attacked him last Wednesday. He also suffered puncture wounds to his chest […]

Man, 20s, drowns in lake while ‘looking for missing dog’

A young man drowned in a lake while desperately searching for his missing dog, said eyewitnesses. The man, in his 20s, was seen ‘struggling in the water and shouting for help’ at Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire, yesterday afternoon. Two men jumped into the water to save him and swam to where he was trying to […]

Pet Passport & Traveling with Your Pet After Brexit

Whether there’s a deal or no deal, pet owners (specifically dog, cat, or ferret owners) in the UK should prepare themselves for additional travel requirements if they plan on taking their pets to an EU country post-Brexit. The EU pet passport will no longer be a valid document for travel. The following infographic highlights the […]

Pembrokeshire council to enforce fines for dogs on beaches

Dog owners who ignore bans on taking their pets on beaches in Pembrokeshire will face tougher penalties. Ten out of more than 60 beaches in the county have partial or total bans on dogs between March and September. But following complaints, Pembrokeshire council voted to introduce on-the-spot fines for anyone caught with a dog on […]

Neglected dog’s fur was so matted her paws dissolved

A severely neglected dog had to be put down after her paws had ‘dissolved’ under faeces-covered matted fur, which had been left for months. The little Shih Tzu, Lola, was left struggling to walk after the skin on her back legs had disintegrated so badly that the bone was left exposed. Her owner Carla Freer, […]

Foxy,s adventure and reunited photos…

Thank you area co-ordinator Katie fox for letting us know what happened… Foxy the Chihauhau pup of 12weeks old was on her first adventure, on Sunday afternoon, with her siblings and parents on a group wander in the quiet backwater paths of Longleat estate Wiltshire. On the middle of their planned circuit walk another walker […]

Roomba iRobot rolls into dog poo and vacuums it all over the house

Those pesky (but handy) AIs might be taking our jobs with their cool technological ways but they’re not perfect. The Roomba robot vacuum, for example, certainly makes hoovering the house easier. But apparently it doesn’t know how to detect dog poo. One man learned that the hard way. Ryan Landy, from Florida, U.S, left out […]

Stolen Zeus on TV

Zeus’s owners appeal for the return of their pet stolen from their house on the 9th July in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Watch the appeal here…   Follow Zeus’s Doglost timeline here…

Rowan in the local paper,

Missing dog Rowan feared stolen as Perthshire filling station thieves thwart search. Follow Rowan’s DogLost timeline here… Read the article here…

Photos from the Swansea show

Great to meet all the Welsh crew at the RSPCA dog show on the 14th July…Here are a few photos…   Jill Trick….Who everyone in Swansea seemed to know! The popular ball bath… Drone SAR… Being given a check via Ruth Williams  from Sally,pheobe,Sophie and rosie to help towards scanner costs….Thank you! Another Drone SAR […]

These sausage dogs have been trained to pick up litter on their walks

Like many dogs, Hooch and Dudley the sausage dogs loved to pull all the recycling out of the bin when someone wasn’t looking. But their owner Amber Lednor, 38, decided to use it to her advantage and now they pick on litter on their walks. The black and tan mini dachshunds, from Moray, Scotland, keep […]