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Dog who always sits in the window given sweet letter by kind stranger

Debbie Nutchey was thrilled when she received a postcard from a stranger thanking her dog for making her smile. The card came from a woman named Rachel, who sees five-year-old Swift in the window of Debbie’s house every day. Debbie received the card along with a £10 gift card that read: ‘Please ask your human […]

Three-legged dog who spent years in Turkish rescue adopted by amputee.

A three-legged dog who was starved and abused in Turkey is being brought to the UK by an ex-army amputee. John Hopkinson, 43, heard about Popsey’s plight after a chance encounter with a volunteer from The Pointer Rescue Service in Salisbury Hospital. Rescue worker Liz Gee said the English Pointer was abandoned by her owner […]

Couple spared jail for risking return of rabies in puppy-smuggling scandal

A couple who risked spreading rabies in Britain by importing thousands of potentially sick street dogs to sell as pets have been spared jail. Kennel owners Jodie Fairbrother, 40, and husband Paul, 50, took in 4,600 street dogs – many of which had not undergone the necessary medical checks – from Romania. Shocking footage taken […]

Libby home after 2 years.

From our local co ordinator Maxine… “A French bulldog was found straying in Bishop Auckland on 6th September, it was taken to vets to be checked for a chip. Chip info was not up to date. The finder, not wanting the dog to go into kennels took the dog home until owner could be found. […]

Doglost fundraiser.

Doglost Fundraising Great prizes for just £1 – An online prize draw till end of September 2019. Lucky Numbers – £1- All money raised will go to doglost. £1 per go.- Pay in direct to doglost fundraising account – secure banking and put your phone number in the reference box .OR can leave your contact […]

Remembering the incredible story of hero dogs on 9/11

While many remember the heroic efforts of rescue workers who rushed to save lives as the World Trade Centre collapsed on September 11, 2001, the stories of hundreds of dogs who helped people are not as well known. From rescue dogs finding survivors, to people being saved in the burning building by guide dogs, as […]

Urgent appeal to trace owner of frightened dog found in Cheshire fields

A desperate search is underway to trace the owner of a dog who was found abandoned in Cheshire. The elderly collie was discovered on Friday (September 6th) at around 4pm in a field near Austins Hill, Tarvin. It is not known whether the dog was abandoned or simply got lost when he was found on Friday afternoon. […]

Owner is reunited with six puppies stolen as she slept

This is the moment when six puppies who were snatched in the dead of night, were reunited with their mum and owner. The film shows six five-week-old Springer Spaniels huddled in a box, enthralled to be back home on the family farm in Dawlish, Devon, today. They were snatched on Monday night, along with a […]

Best trained dogs in the world?

Recommended by majorjet…In her words… WOW WOW WOW absolutely amazing performance.  Such fantastic control over so many dogs at once.  Brilliant the way they all sit on their own base waiting for their turn.  Best dog act have ever seen. HATS OFF to their young owner and all her dogs.  Only seen it by chance. […]

Hunt for woman who stubbed cigarette out in puppy’s eye

Sickening footage shows a woman stubbing out a cigarette in the eye of a defenceless puppy. The dog’s mouth appears to be taped shut, stiffing its yelps as the culprit repeatedly burns the dog’s face. She calmly smokes with one hand while holding the puppy by the neck and snaps its paws after she is […]

Frankie the beagle wears super cool doggles to go cycling with his human

We’ve fallen in love with a goggle-wearing beagle, who cruises around his hometown on an electric bike. Nine-year-old Frankie climbs into a backpack every weekend and wears special ‘doggles’ to keep the wind out of his eyes, as he travels around with his owner, Garry Mullins, a keen cyclist. Before he started riding in backpacks, […]

Doglost Appeal – can you help find Polly, Amy and Archie?

Losing your pet is every owner’s worst nightmare but sadly every day dogs are stolen or vanish on walks and it’s heartbreaking for their families. Every story is different. One of the cases this month is of a lady whose dogs went missing as she nursed a friend through cancer treatment. You can’t imagine the […]


The following dogs are featured in the DogLost column in the current issue of The Countryman’s Weekly. For further details on each dog, enter the 6 digit DogLost ID in the search box on the website:

Boris Johnson’s rescue dog arrives at new home in Downing Street

A rescue puppy has moved out of a dog shelter and into Downing Street to join Boris Johnson and girlfriend Carrie Symonds. The 15-week-old Jack Russell-cross, who has been called Dilyn, has been taken in by the PM after being abandoned by puppy farmers. Carried in a small red basket, the little dog looked timid as […]

Woman could lose fingers after viscious dog ripped her flesh and ate it

A woman may need her fingers amputated after her friend’s out-of-control sheepdog ripped the skin off her hand and ate it. Helen Hayes’ wound got gangrene in it after she was bitten by Old English sheepdog Jaffa at Penllain caravan park in Benllech, Anglesey in June. She was talking to its owner, grandmother Felicity Fawcett, […]

Lost Bloxwich dog reunited with owners after two years

An “overjoyed” family were reunited with their lost dog more than two years after he was suspected of being stolen. Nicola Spragg, 34, from Bloxwich, Walsall, said her Shar-Pei disappeared without a trace from her back garden in April 2017. Last week Mata, aged four, was found wandering the streets 25 miles away in Telford, […]

Dog faces death after owner used it as a weapon to attack another man

Judges are deciding whether a dog used by its owner to violently attack someone should be put down. Andrew Cornes, 35, was convicted of using his Staffordshire Bull Terrier to inflict harm on a man in his 30s, who was treated at the scene in The Trinity, Worcester, before being taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital […]

Mac the dog wears boots and goggles for his important job in the fire service

A brave Springer Spaniel has been trained to enter disaster zones with mercy crews and he even has his own uniform, including boots and goggles. Three-year-old Mac was trained by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to go into collapsed buildings to search for casualties. Although Mac and his companion, Diesel, also a Springer Spaniel, […]

A kind stranger has donated a £400 wheelchair to a dog with six legs

A kind stranger bought a £400 wheelchair for a puppy so that she can get around easily – because she keeps getting tangled with her six legs. Owner Lauren Salmon said the complete stranger offered to pay for Roo the six-legged Labrador’s wheelchair because her own dog had just died. Lauren said the kind lady […]