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Reunited Zena hits the press.

A missing dog has finally been found after three women decided to get creative with their search. Zena – a Bosnian rescue dog – escaped through an open door at her foster home, back in April. The news of the lost puppy reached Shelly Spiller, Amanda James and Hazel Richards – the trio behind the […]

Adorable dog’s face looks very human and people can’t get enough

This adorable doggo is baffling the internet as he looks human, with people wondering whether his owners used a face-swapping app for photos. The pooch in question, Nori, is an Aussiepoo mix – a designer breed which has puzzled folks in the past due to their human-like resemblance. Nori’s large, almond-shaped eyes that have just […]

Swimming pool allows dogs so pets can splash around with their owners

A swimming pool in Scotland held their first ever doggy swim day so pets could splash around alongside their owners. The open-air Gourock Outdoor Pool, in Inverclyde, Scotland let canines take a dip at the weekend at the last swim session of the season. Organisers were inspired by similar events which have taken place in […]


The following dogs are featured in the DogLost column in the current issue of The Countryman’s Weekly. For further details on each dog, enter the 6 digit DogLost ID in the search box on the website:

Microchip law loophole that is helping dog thieves get away with it

Gaps in the law are preventing stolen dogs from being reunited with their families, despite being microchipped, campaigners have warned. Vets are under no obligation to the check chip of any pet they treat, and even if they do, a pet thief could easily change the registration details and leave no trace of the previous […]

How to order a free puppuccino for your dog at Starbucks

If you’ve spent time in the ‘cute animals’ section of the internet, you’ve probably seen pictures of dogs with their heads burrowed deep inside a mysterious mini Starbucks cup. Those pooches are enjoying a puppuccino, an item on the secret Starbucks menu that pops up all over Instagram. A puppuccino isn’t anything fancy. There’s no […]

‘I’ve created a monster’: labradoodle inventor speaks of his regret

We’re afraid we have some rather upsetting news.The humble labradoodle (a cross between a poodle and a labrador) has been stabbed in the back… by none other than the very man who invented it. Speaking with Sum of All Parts, an Australian science podcast, Wally Conran, who invented the breed, said: ‘I opened a Pandora […]

10 plants that are poisonous to dogs.

Your dog will eat pretty much anything given a chance. Your slippers, the newspaper, their own tail if they could catch it. And plants. Which can be serious, because lots of common house and garden plants are poisonous to dogs. Most dogs won’t eat plants that can hurt them, but some berries and bulbs can […]

Man stabbed by dognappers who tried to take his pet

Police have released an image of a dog that two men tried to steal before stabbing the owner in an attempted murder. The victim, 29, was walking his black cane corso in Dawsholm Park, Glasgow, when two men attacked him and tried to take the pet from him. The man suffered stab injuries and was […]

Mabel reunited with her friend Frank…helped by volunteers.

In the words of ChrisM  N/W co-ordinator… “SO This is how the story goes….. Fiona Monger (Northwest Co-ordinator) joined up with Laura Finnegan (Leuys trapping team) Both Bringing experienced people together to set up a team to find Mable. 6 Days of on/off searching, following up leads and Sightings. Using cameras, trap and Infared. Frank […]

Volunteer of the month.

Helper of the month goes to Joan. Joan often looks through the found dogs knowing time is limited to 7 days once a dog is with the council before if unclaimed it can be rehomed. On the 9th September Joan saw found dog, ref no 148212, who was chipped but owners uncontactable. Joan set to […]

Bride walks down the aisle with eight disabled rescue dogs by her side

When Samantha Kelly, 33, got engaged to Ronan, 32, she knew she’d need her eight rescue dogs to be involved in her wedding day. The business owner, from Ireland, had already owned three dogs when she got together with Ronan five years ago. Over the course of their relationship, they’ve added five more disabled rescue […]

Stolen Winston featured in the Daily Mail.

An animal lover has been left heartbroken after dognappers broke into her Manchester home and stole her £2,500 French bulldog after ‘watching’ her for more than a month. Ayla Williamson, 22, found the front door of her Stockport flat wide open, the lock broken and plaster spread across the wall at 1am on September 13. […]

Pip puts her seal of approval on local groups working together

When Pip the Cockerpoo went missing in Mugdock Country Park in Glasgow around lunchtime on Tuesday 17th September, the family called on the power of Facebook and DogLost to help spread the word.   With the benefit of the instant poster generated from the DogLost website, and local Facebook groups including Lost Dogs Glasgow, DogLost Central […]

Foxy found by local helpers.

Well done Shelagh Savage and Sara…this is Shelagh’s account… We were alerted to missing foxy on Sunday. She and her sister Kim had been recently adopted by a truly wonderful man Ken. He couldn’t bear to split sisters up so took both home. They are both 11.We had a sighting in woodford and went to […]

Pomeranian puppies stolen by burglars

Two Pomeranian puppies and a Cocker Spaniel were stolen by burglars yesterday during a raid on a house in Winchcombe, near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. The two white puppies, one male and one female, were both 12 week old. A two-year-old female golden Cocker Spaniel wearing a blue collar was also stolen. Gloucestershire Police are appealing […]

Beagle is surrogate mum to two kittens and even breastfeeds them

Beagles are known for their loyalty and kind nature, with their friendliness also being a common trait. This particular pup, however, has gone above and beyond in her friendliness, and has become a surrogate mum to two kittens. Daisy, who is one year old and lives in Staplehurst in Kent with owner Jane Whitton, bonded […]