Odeon cinemas team up with Doglost for release of the film ” A dogs way home”

Thank you Odean cinemas for  teaming up with DogLost to promote local missing DogLost posters in your cinema Foyeurs ( and in some cases on individual cinema seats!)  to help missing dogs get home.

Huge thanks to DogLost  Volunteer PR Justine for enabling this to happen and also getting the local missing dogs photos in local papers to assist owners!


So for those who dont want to watch the six nations this weekend do take your self off to an Odean cinema to watch this film ( and thank them for displaying DogLost posters) Watch the trailer here…


If you would like to thank Odean cinemas please do email them with support for what they are doing here…

http://ODEON website: https://www.odeon.co.uk/films/a_dog_s_way_home/18366/



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