Model dogs.

These stunning pups are naturals in front of the camera – and have been posing since they were four weeks old.

Kaylee Robertson says her six Shetland sheep-dogs and one Alaskan Klee Kai are like “fully trained models”.

The photogenic pooches range in age from six months to six years old and are called Fenton, Thiago, Gimli, Mercy, Ghost, Murphy and Jara.

Kaylee, from Scalloway, Shetland, says having such good dogs comes from bribery.

She said: “We give them lots of treated and positive reinforcement.

“When they had sat nicely and looked at the camera we would throw them a ball.”

Ambulance driver Kaylee said patients even ask her about the obedient pooches – and photos of them are set to be hung up at Shetland Hospital to cheer people up.

She added the key thing to taking great pet snaps is making sure they are happy.

She said: “For anyone wishing to train and take pics of dogs there is one rule – a happy dog makes a great photo.

“You can’t take a pretty picture of a dog if they look sad.”

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