Missing Scruffy featured on Waleson line.

There are sadly many lost dogs in Wales who all have families that are incredibly determined to be reunited with their four-legged best friend.

One such dog that has caught our attention is Scruffy, the Yorkshire Terrier from Bangor who went missing in Maesgeirchan on 26 June. He was wearing a red collar at the time and is microchipped. 

Brodie suffers from chronic anxiety and will not leave her home or even her bedroom without Scruffy by her side.

Now, as the search for Scruffy edges towards the week-long marker, the family are understandably increasingly concerned by the day about Scruffy’s welfare.

The two of them are inseparable, wherever she goes, he goes, if she’s in bed, he’s on the pillow next to her, if she’s on her computer, he’s sat next to her feet, etc.

“Some kids on our street left our gate open and as we’ve let him out around midnight he’s just bolted but he never strays far and always comes back which is why it’s so odd that he’s been gone so long.

Alanie, 21, from Bangor, explianed how much Scruffy means to Brodie and why it’s incredibly crucial for the two to be reunited.

“It has been a really distressing situation for her as he’s by her side 24/7 so for him to be missing nearing a week has completely set her off,” she said.

“It’s been really difficult seeing my sister so distraught over him being missing, she won’t leave her room as she doesn’t feel that security anymore.

“She just really wants Scruff back, she’s absolutely heartbroken that he’s gone.”

Despite the ongoing appeal to find Scruffy, the family have received the help of Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK.

Alanie continued: “I’d like to add how helpful Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK have been with helping us search and get the word out about Scruffy.

“Nia Wynn and her partner Graham have been helping us every night with posters and replacing them when people have taken them down.

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