Meet the search dog who can find and recover people trapped in disaster zones

Imagine you are caught up in a terrible disaster. Buried under rubble, or caught in a vehicle, there is no light, no air flow and you don’t know if anyone can hear you. You start to wonder how many people have been caught in the same incident as you, and if rescuers will be able to find you before it is too late. You start to wonder how rescue teams will be able to tell the difference between people that it is too late for and those who might have a chance to survive. That is where Cara, and many other dogs like her, come in. Meet Cara Cara is a six year old Belgian Malinois who works with her handler as an urban search and rescue dog. Like other rescue dogs, she is trained to sniff out and locate people who have been caught up in a disaster, or who are lost. What sets Cara apart is that she focuses on more hectic urban scenes or disaster sites, rather than rural searches.


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