Man told to ‘f*** off’ after confronting owner for tying dog in sun

A dog owner allegedly told a man to ‘f*** off’ after he raised concerns that the animal was tied up in the sun. Andrew Beattie said he was walking through Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex, on Tuesday, when he saw a dog panting heavily. The black-and-white pet was left without any water as his owner went into a shop, despite the UK experiencing a heatwave.

In a video captured by Mr Beattie, the animal can be seen whining as it lays on the pavement – which the 33-year-old claims he later recorded to be more than 50 degrees in temperature. He said: ‘I instantly thought about how hot it is and was worried that the dog was panting heavily in the sun.

I was pretty hot myself, but the dog showed signs of being even hotter by the way he was panting. ‘I regularly take my temperature gun out with me to check the pavement before walking my own dog. I recorded the temperature as over 50 degrees. ‘I went into the nearby post office and asked whose dog it was that had been left in the sun. ‘A man then told me to ‘fuck off’ and then accused me of trying to steal his dog. He even told me to “leave his beast alone”. ‘I wouldn’t expect anyone to walk on a hot pavement with bare feet so why should a dog?’


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