Man prescribed emotional support dog faces eviction for having a ‘pet’

A man with severe mental health issues faces eviction after doctors prescribed him an emotional support dog. Christopher Palmer, 63, has suffered through years of depression, anxiety and other psychological problems. His issues have left him socially isolated with suicidal tenancies, but his life changed in 2018 when he got Tammy. His beagle helps him through anxiety and panic attacks, with Mr Palmer stating: ‘Without Tammy I would not be able to get out of the house’. However, when Plymouth Community Homes found out about the dog, they ordered that she be re-homed as Christopher is not permitted to keep a pet. The landlord says Christopher is in breach of his tenancy agreement which states he is not permitted to keep a dog as he lives in a high rise flat, according to their pet policy. However, if he refuses to give away Tammy, Christopher will have to move out of his home of eight years too.

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    nickyb 1 year ago

    i am writing to plymouth community housing regarding this. they clearly dont understand that this dog makes the difference between life and possibly death simply by mr palmer having this companion. without tammy he would be lonely depressed housebound and a lot more negative things – dogs make a world of difference

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    nickyb 1 year ago

    have also written to the fabulous cinnamon trust to see if they can help

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