Left to face a world of PERPETUAL DARKNESS: the cute puppy dumped like rubbish

VETS are fighting to save the sight of an adorable one-eyed puppy found cowering in a box abandoned next to rubbish bins.

Pitiful Skip, the 11-week-old pug, has been given a suitable name after being thrown away like rubbish in freezing, wintry conditions to face a life of blindness. There were fears that Skip would lose his sight completely because his other eye was bulbous and cloudy when he was discovered. Now, the pet so heartlessly dumped is getting the care and attention he deserves from animal cruelty investigators, pet carers and veterinary eye specialists.

As the RSPCA attempts to track down the person who dumped Skip in the Twyning area of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, last month, vets are hopeful they will save his sight.

RSPCA Inspector Thea Kerrison today condemned the way Skip had been so callously thrown away.She said: “He is the sweetest little thing and just eleven weeks old. Sadly, the vet discovered he had just one eye, and we initially thought he would be permanently blind in this eye, which is very bulbous and cloudy. It’s now hoped the eye can be saved, and hopefully with it, Skip’s sight.

“It is such a cruel thing to do to just discard an animal who is desperately in need of help. To think a puppy in such a shocking condition was just thrown away is heartbreaking.”

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