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High five! Photos are back on the doglost site. This was caused by a thumbnail bottle neck…now cleared    thanks  Alison, Sarah,Jan and lisa for the help in putting back on site and alerts …Doglost is back in business!


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    Poochpal 4 years ago

    Echoing Jayne’s thanks to all who helped with the photos today. ☺

  2. Jayne
    Jayne 4 years ago

    Yes they were all brilliant! ps dont ask me what a thumbnail bottleneck means! But as long as solved we are all happy!

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    Majorjet 4 years ago

    Not very active at the moment but did notice late last night the lack of photos. Great to see the problem has been sorted. 👌

    Well done to everyone who has been involved in getting things back up and running. 👍👍👍

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 4 years ago

      Thanks Majorjet! We all try our best.

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    Jenny Longmuir 4 years ago

    Jayne I dont know what a thumbnail bottle neck means either, sounds rather painful , but so pleased all got sorted. Well done all xx

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