Jaynes Journal.

These dogs dont seem to know  its Christmas!  20 naughty pooches went missing yesterday disrupting their families Christmas day.  7  back on the same day  and am sure the others will be snuggled up with finders and be back today or tomorrow when the dog wardens are back at work….I will pick my favourite 2 reunited dogs…stolen Marley (back in time for  a late lunch) and missing Jasper.

I was doing the final preparations for Christmas lunch when the phone rang at 11.40…quickly turned of the oven and rushed upstairs to my  “office”…It was a call from Thames valley police to say they had picked up Marley but could not  get an answer from the owners mobile…was able to give them the details we hold on file of owners name and email and say we would try to contact them via FB….So had to disturb area  co-ordinator LisaP to ask her to do a search for me (luckily her husband was doing the cooking)

Back down in the kitchen…oven back on…veggies being steamed….Phone goes again…switch off gas and oven …rush upstairs…it was the owner ( LisaP had managed to contact her)…gave excited owner the Police officers mobile number…back down stairs.

Oven back on….Veggies just done…getting ready to serve and the phone rings again…oven off etc…rush upstairs…owner again saying she had lost the number but her partner had gone to the police station.  Explained the officer did not say which station. ..which is probably why owner rang again as the local station may not have known what he was talking about…Gave her the number…Finally managed to serve lunch to a hungry Mother…read more here…


Various lost and found dogs came in during the day…but a lovely quick reunited in the evening really made my day….Helper Kathy kindly put Jasper on as a found dog and within minutes  Gillian from dog theft awareness ( see DogLost LICKS for more details) had sent us a photo…inbetween Jaspers owners neice…who had heard about us after watching Lost and found listed jasper as missing…as soon as photo came through it was obviously the same dog…They were surprised how quickly with team effort they were reunited….read more…


Luckily today its cold turkey and bubble and squeak…so hopefully not too much disruption to lunch!

Ah another good update just in this morning ( whilst I was writing the blog)…Details came in overnight of missing LLoyd  from Wigmore, Gillingham…Sent out 375 missing alerts to local helpers at 07.03  and by 07.37 helper CKSimmons had opened her alert…checked her  FB messages and saw a match! Owner was so so relieved and thankful for such a quick response…read more here…


I guess you like me are thinking they are all 3 white fluffy dogs…Lets call them our Christmas snowballs!


update 09.09

You could not make this up!  Scrappy from yesterday has been located and is with the dog wardens…wait for it another small white snowball!

Update….And another snowball back for Christmas with Troy being located by a kind dog walker who looked after him and took him to a local vets.

Five Christmas snowballs!

Update 08.53 27th December….

Another “snowball” back Talulah! found hiding underneath a car!


  1. Avatar
    CJ 3 years ago

    Wow what great results and shows best how everything works with team work…and TVP knew who to ring when cannot contact owners…
    Let’s hope today is a little quiter. …😆

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 3 years ago

      Lol when his details came in I was thinking the same!

  2. Avatar
    Poochpal 3 years ago

    And he’s home too. 😀

  3. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Added photo of our fifth snowball to the posting….five snowballs missing since Christmas eve and all five are safely back!

  4. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    And another “snowball” back! Talulah joins the list of reunited….Thats 6 out of 6 fluffy white dogs back over the Christmas period.

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