Tales from admin.

I am sure people think Admin have a crystal ball!

The number of times we have an email stating “my dog is lost can you put on site please?”

….And thats it!  No name,breed,date missing,contact details…where missing from etc…So admin have to reply listing all the information needed…and it comes through in dribs and drabs so you have to email them again and again for full details…The longest on record was 10 emails to owners before we got enough details to put on site…Then wait for it….They email the photo from a different email address with no reference to the dogs name…So we start again….What dog is this please?….usually we get answered with my missing dog…and on it goes….You would not believe it!

Of the owners who register their own dogs about 50% leave something out or get something wrong…all have to be checked before alerts are sent out.

But my biggest bug bear is where missing from and they only put back garden…No town!…bring out the crystal ball!…Well at least they have a phone number…so instead of emailing them its usually easier to call them and ask where is your back garden so people know where to look please?….The answers never stop to amaze me…from in the UK…down to next to Co-op …opposite the school….and wait for it…delivered with a tone of sarcasm….BEHIND THE HOUSE!!!! …I kid you not…By this time I am banging my head against a wall…Thats why owners need DogLost!

Please think of Ragsy…owner still looking for her beloved dog 6 years down the line…she has left a message on Rags page today.




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    DogLost PR Team 4 years ago

    The Social Media Team have the same problems. It is not unusual to have a post which says ‘I lost my dog from outside the Co-op, please share’. And they seem nonplussed when asked which of the 400 Co-ops it could be ! But we have to remember that owners are in blind panic and fail to realise that they’re are not just talking to local friends on social media and help then as much as we can.

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