Injured Duke is home.

Cross posted with permission by Chops Carter…

So Duke is cool beans 🙂

He was found this afternoon after there was another sighting and his dad Stuart raced over there while Adele kept watch and Kaylie (his aunt) got a taxi over there.

IAATA work with whoever to get whatever animal home, but I’m so so proud of everything about getting Duke home.

I’m gonna tag everyone cos I’m so grateful to you all whether it be shares, searching, advice, traps lent or anything. Whether you’re from a dog group or are a member of the public…. Team work is what got Duke home xx

In no particular order…..

Adele, Anne, Debbie (piss can), Jo, Karen, Kaylie, Loren, Pam, Stuart, Alison, Andy, Christine, Clare, Emz, Gareth, Helen, Kayleigh, Tracy, Andy, Linda, Valerie, Angela, Kelly, Jan,

All the guys at Doglost, Murphys Army, Dog SOS Derbyshire, DogTag, Linbee Dog Rescue, Lostbox, IAATA and the Bridlington guys, YDLAF, YALAF (If i’ve forgotten anyone then i’m dead sorry) xxxxxxxx

Just honestly when dog world teams come together it’s so amazing so thank you for all your help in getting Duke home xx

Thank you to the two Brighouse groups, Brighouse oracle and Brighouse Banter for allowing our duplicates and many many posts xx And a MASSIVE thank you to the Brighouse Community – without you he wouldn’t be home xxx

Now let’s all help get Buddy home – missing from the same area Jenny Crossland

Read the DogLost timeline here…


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