I just pulled out a 2-3 days tick from my dog. Should I take him to the vet?

Answered by mary Boland-Hanley

I rescue. I have dogs that when they came to me, swollen ticks were falling off of them. These dogs were and are fine.

I have one that started relentlessly vomiting. Like a stomach trying desperately and unsuccessfully to bring something up.

That was my intro to ehrlichiosis. Total nastiness. Monitor your dog. Not every tick carries these diseases. If any weird symptoms surface, head to the vet.

Answer 2.

You should take your dog into the vet in about 4–6 weeks to have a 4Dx blood test done. That is when it will show if they have Lyme, Anaplasmosis, or Ehrlichia. These are all diseases transmitted from ticks. It also tests for Heartworm, which is transmitted through mosquitos that carry it.


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    Sue Olmsted 1 year ago

    First time every seeing a tick,I took it off her and cleaned site w alcohol,didn’t save tick what do I watch for?

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