Helper of the month goes to…

Mena viana! Love the Christmas photo!

For her constant checking of lost against found dogs which resulted in Cindy being reunited. Well done!  A little about Mena v1ana in her own words…

Hi Jayne i start my fb in 2007 and i  joined dog lost in that time fb didnt had groups but i posted everyday in NOTES in my profile after i open my missing group for all uk and also the found group for all uk and 365 everyday single day without missing after i come from work i posted missing of the day and found of the day.
Then is 12 years posting dog lost.
Im very happy if i can help in anyway to a dog return to his family.
I joined in 2007 after i had accident at work i was at home without do nothing i need feel useful to something important and animals are very important to me.
And thank you once again for your phone call i was very happy last night when i recognise cindy in the found like after be register sec after be register in dl. i was posting it.


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    Filomena Pereira 1 year ago

    Jayne sorry my name is MENA VIANA .

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    Karen Field 1 year ago

    Congratulations Mena keep up the great work. Another volunteer doing what they do 24/7 for the lost and stolen pets ❤️

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    Wayne May 1 year ago

    Well done Mena.

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