Guess what Volunteers do in the evenings?

Email sent to admin from owner…
I just want to say how happy I am with the support I received last night and today from two of your volunteers, Nicky McCarthy and Karen Harding ( from South East)… I got home from work last night to find my dog had got out and been missing for up to seven hours. After searching locally I was unsure what to do next – she is a black dog who is invisible in the dark and runs out in front of cars, so I was very worried. I posted in local Facebook groups here in Newbury (Berks) and one lady suggested I register on your website. I did, and within minutes Nicky had contacted me and offered to help. Another few minutes later she had produced posters and followed up leads, which led to Pixie being found by the end of the night; she and Karen continued to use their special contact information to reunite us with Pixie, which I would not have been able to do on my own. We rescued Pixie as a puppy five years ago, so she had grown up with my girls and so I consider her my third child(!) – it was very stressful not knowing where she was and if she was ok, without letting my girls know I was worried (they lost their dad not too long ago and I did not want them to go through another loss) – Nicky and Karen continued to support me through my worry and anxiety on top of the practical help. Their help ultimately resulted in my family being reunited with Pixie today, and I cannot express my gratitude enough! It is amazing work that you all do and you should be very proud of what you achieve, every day, for complete strangers in distress. I have made a donation to your organisation as a small way of saying thank you but really I just wanted to give Nicky and Karen some recognition for their hard work on our behalf.

Thank you!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas,

Kristen Price and Pixie


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 1 year ago

    Well done ladies! And to all our volunteers…Its nice to be appreciated.

  2. Avatar
    Wayne May 1 year ago

    Excellent news well done ladies.

  3. Avatar
    Sharon Wardle 1 year ago

    Great Work ~ Shared the blog post to DogLost on Facebook & Twitter x

  4. Avatar
    Sue collins 1 year ago

    9 years ago a gale blew our dog yard gate open. All of our dogs got out. Luckily all bar one came back in when called. Bob was a ten month old puppy and was missing for eleven hours. Thank you doglost for all your advice and help on that day. Bob says thanks as well

  5. Avatar
    CJ 1 year ago

    Lovely story and so nice when owners make comments like this to show appreciation and although Karen and Nicky just do this in their spare time as well as their jobs it’s sometimes nice to get this well earned recognition.

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