Groom, 69, chooses dog to be his best man after the beloved pet helped him find love

When 69-year-old Christopher McCarron lost his son, he decided to adopt a dog to cope with grief. Visiting the Dog’s Trust centre in West Calder, Scotland, Christopher was immediately won over by a rottweiler called Jack. While taking the doggo for a walk to get to know him, he bumped into Margaret, 56, who was at the rescue centre looking for a pet too. The two hit it off and after falling in love, they decided to get married.

With Jack being a major player in his love story, Christoper knew his furry friend had to be there. So he decided to put a wee tuxedo on him and make the doggie his best man. When it came to Christoper and Margaret saying I do, little Jack got involved and sneezed to give his blessings.

‘We had a lovely sentimental day, and Jack played a big part,’ gushed Christopher. ‘He loved it, he really did. I wouldn’t have considered getting a rescue dog because of his age – he’s around six. ‘But when he went up to me, we just clicked. Little did I know that I’d meet my future wife at the rescue centre too. ‘I don’t believe that I rescued Jack – I think he rescued me. ‘When we decided to get married, Jack had to be there. This is our family now, me, Margaret and Jack.’


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