Gizmo and lady reunited story…

Written by DogLost helper Glynis ( who did a great job!)

“I am absolutely ecstatic that these beautiful dogs are back home where they belong. I would LIKE to add that they are home safe and sound but sadly ‘Lady’ is heavily pregnant by her litter brother ‘Gizmo’ at only 11 months of age and is suffering greatly. On taking to the vets IMMEDIATELY after being rescued from their ‘fosterer’ the vet explained that Lady was suffering from severe stress, evident in the extreme moulting of her fur. The vet was unable to fully assess Lady because she and Gizmo had been chipped to the ‘fosterer’.

The ‘fosterer’ has since confirmed that she returned home to find both dogs tied in mating as, despite Lady being in season, she did not keep them separate. Lady also coughed up a large tablet which was coughed up whole. The ‘fosterer’ reported that Lady has not been on medication. With both dogs having been chipped to the ‘fosterer’ this made it impossible for Lady to access veterinary treatment on her return home and despite the ‘foster’ woman’s initial agreement to sign the dogs over, she then refused to do this in the format required by the microchip company.

After several hours she did agree to email a named vet practice and contact the out of hours vet so that we could proceed with registering and confirmed that she had done so however the vet practice advised us this hasn’t been done despite her being informed by both myself and Jan Lancashire that Lady required urgent veterinary assistance and our having clearly explained the difficulties in getting her seen. The vet thankfully did agree to treat and has diagnosed a respiratory infection. Lady could have been treated immediately if the documentation had been completed as agreed. 

I would like to whole heartedly thank each and every one of you who have shared Lady and Gizmo’s plight with supportive comments and sharing of their posts and especially those of you who, after seeing the newspaper article, came forward with information which enabled us to piece together the whereabouts of them both. I would also like to thank Jan Lancashire of DOGLOST North West for her tireless effort, commitment and sheer determination and for simply ‘being there’ for Kath and myself throughout. She is an amazing lady.
To those of you who KNEW Lady and Gizmo’s whereabouts and cast out ‘red herrings’, fabricated tales of neglect, turned a ‘blind eye’ or were simply too cowardly to stand up and be counted… SHAME ON YOU! You very nearly had ‘blood on your hands’ and I really don’t know how you manage to sleep at night let alone call yourself animal lovers. Doglost received an anonymous telephone call asking for the posts to be taken down from Facebook and suggesting that the dogs may already have been chipped so we can be forgiven for suspecting foul play. In answer to the question on everyone’s lips… “will the fosterer be charged?”

Sadly not. Although she did not actively share any posts of the dogs to try to locate the owner, nor contact the original finder for news of an owner coming forward, nor see any of the thousand + shares locally across Facebook, nor see the newspaper article in the mid week visiter, hear any of the reports nor notify the dog warden, she DID log a call to Lancashire police to say they were in her ‘care’. As Lady and Gizmo were being investigated as stolen with Merseyside police the two cases remained unmatched. I would however like to thank the Police Officer in charge for trying his best with the case and appreciating the devastation caused to Kath and her family. I would also like to thank Anne Wright who assisted in eliminating potential ‘fosterers’ and publicly attested to the fact that Lady and Gizmo were in a well looked after condition when handed in good faith to the ‘fosterer’. 

On a really positive note I visited Lady and Gizmo and saw first hand the joyful looks on the faces of Kath and the children. Lady wasn’t content unless cuddled like a baby by Kath and Gizmo snuggled between the crossed legs of her 7 year old best friend and I will treasure those heartwarming visions forever. The immense bond between them all is as plain as day to see. Thank you to all involved in making this possible 😘xxx


Photos of lady and gizmo back home recovering.


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