Fatcat salaries at Dogs Trust revealed as it rakes in more than £100 million a year

The charity Dogs Trust has seen its income swell by £8million in the last year to £106m.

So you might think that means it’s been caring for thousands more dogs.

Sadly not. In the same year, the number of dogs that it cared for rose by just 103.

Higher salaries and other staff costs gobbled up £4.8m of that extra income and the charity now has 18 members of staff on more than £60,000 a year. An extra two directors have been taken on, pushing the total pay of the executives from £930,000 to £1,090,000.

An extra £3m spent on fundraising campaigns swallowed most of the rest of that extra income.

Since 2009, Dogs Trust income has increased by 73% but the number of dogs it cares for has gone up by less than 10%.

At the other end of the charity spectrum there’s All Dogs Matter, based in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

No fatcat pay here – the highest salary is around £12,000 and its annual income is just £252,000.

Yet All Dogs Matter still managed to care for 430 dogs – and not just any dogs.

Most were Staffies, Lurchers and even the Japanese hunting dog Akita, all breeds that can be difficult to re-home.Put another way, it needed only £585 in donations to help a dog.

In contrast, Dogs Trust needed £6,415 per dog in its care.

The reason I mention all this is because it is Small Charity Week, which aims to highlight the great work by organisations that you may never hear about, often because they’re struggling in the shadow of charity behemoths.

“They often don’t have the resources, both physical and financial, to focus efforts on marketing and awareness raising activities,” says Pauline Broomhead, chief executive of the Foundation for Social Improvement, which is behind Small Charity Week.

Small charities, those with a turnover under £1million, account for 96% of all charities but they receive just 20% of donations.

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  1. Jayne
    Jayne 2 years ago

    Well done all the small rescues…money goes direct to helping the animals…I know so many of you struggle.

  2. Avatar
    mistynsashasmum 2 years ago

    Hats off to all small animal rescues who some I personally know.

    Some that work tirelessly 7 days a week 365/366 days a year volunteering ….NO PAY…. and rely on people like us to help them care for their rescued animals

    They all deserve a medal

  3. Avatar
    Stephen 2 years ago

    Wow! That’s a bit of an eye opener!
    The little guys need more support!

  4. Avatar
    Wayne may 2 years ago

    WOW… our rescue dogs only cost on average £260.00 from rescuing to rehoming. I’m a bit shocked at these figures.
    Its my choice to run a charity, and a privilege to serve the community.
    I wouldn’t dream of taking a salary.

  5. Avatar
    nicky brooks 2 years ago

    not forgetting amazing dog lover organisations like our very own doglost.co.uk which i believe is manned entirely by volunteers and i dont think even topdog Jayne gets a salary.the site relies solely on donations from grateful dogowners

  6. Avatar
    Stephen 2 years ago

    Totally scandalous! But why should we be surprised given the curtain is now being pulled back on so many “charities” these days?

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