Family’s horror as beloved pooch set upon by men with ‘trained attack dog’

The events leading up to the attack

On Thursday (November 1), Paulina’s father was walking Ferdy at around 7pm when the unthinkable happened.

As they plodded through Hutton Recreation Ground by the community centre, on Walsh Road, they were both attacked.

Paulina explained: “My dad was walking through the entrance of the park which was lit and he saw a man walking his dog.

“Then a group of five men joined him and ran towards him and snatched my dog away and took the lead off my dad.

“They pushed him to the ground and made him fall over and get stuck in the mud.

“When he was trying to get himself up and before you know it our dog was being bitten by this other dog.”

Paulina’s dad, Dariusz, was helpless as he tried to get to Ferdy to safety.

“My dad, he feels awful, he couldn’t do anything about it,” said the accounting and finance student.

“With six people and a dangerous dog approaching you what can you do about it? You’re not going to be strong enough.”

She added: “It was quite vicious, this dog knew what he was doing. He was going straight for the neck and bit straight into his neck and shaking him like a dog toy.

“My dad as soon as he got up tried to call the police on 101 as they were holding him back.

“Ferdy stopped breathing and moving and lost consciousness and a woman came over screaming something.

“Then all the men dispersed and my dad picked up our dog.”

Dariusz was covered in mud and blood as he picked up Ferdy and called his wife about what had happened so close to home in their local park.

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