Ellie’s story

In October 2018 all was normal for Ellie & her doting dad. 19th October was a normal Friday, they were off to work together & looking forward to a weekend of adventures.

However, at the end of the day’s work on that fateful day, Ellie’s dad popped her in his van whilst he packed away his tools, and in those few minutes Ellie was cruelly snatched from the van & has not been seen since

Ellie is microchipped & there is a stolen alert on her record, dog wardens, holding kennels & vets nationwide were notified that Ellie is missing. Ellie’s family & friends continued to search tirelessly for her every day, her bowls stayed where she last used them

The help from Ellie’s supporters was been overwhelming, and whilst it was devastating that a year went by & Ellie was still missing, it was the support & help from so many people that really helped to keep the hope that Ellie could be found & every day we hoped that today will be the day!

Amazingly today was that very day & Ellie is safely back with her dad safe & well!!  There is an ongoing police investigation so we hope people will understand that we are not able to disclose any details of her recovery but I am sure that everyone will be thrilled with the happy news!



Lisa P
Doglost.co.uk Volunteer
Regional Co-ordinator, Central Region


  1. Avatar
    Val Milnes 2 years ago

    I remember when Ellie was stolen and couldn’t bear to think what might have happened to her. So pleased she’s back home and I think this will give hope to others who have lost their family pets. Keep her safe, happy days ahead.😍

  2. Avatar
    Susan 2 years ago

    What a wonderful outcome. This has made me smile which is difficult after watching England lose the rugby.

  3. Avatar
    Molly Jones 2 years ago

    So great to be able to share good news! So pleased for Ellie and her humans xx

  4. Avatar
    Emma 2 years ago

    I’m beyond over the moon. Never let her out your sight again!!!! The law has got to get tougher with these monsters. It’s no different from kidnapping .

  5. Avatar
    Tracy 2 years ago

    What Absolutely Fantastic news she is such a beautiful girl he must be over the moon to have her back and she looks pretty pleased too 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Avatar
    Fur Babies 2 years ago

    No words can Express the happiness you must of felt getting your ellie back home. It gives hope to others who have lost their babies..

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