Don’t shave your dogs in hot weather – it does more harm than good

Pet owners, we get it, you want your dogs to be as comfortable as possible in the heat. Which is why many of you probably reach for the shears every time it hits above 20 degrees in the UK. However, surprisingly, this actually makes it WORSE for your little pet.

We know, it doesn’t seem to make sense, but according to Pets 4 Homes, this is quite literally the worst thing you can do. Or at least it is if your dog has a double coat.

Dogs with double coats, we’re talking everything from a Husky to a Pomeranian, need them as they provide valuable protection. The two coats are made up of an undercoat and an outer coat. The undercoat is the denser, woollier and usually much softer undercoat which acts more as insulation.

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