DogLost weekly stats.

November 22nd to November 28th.

166 dogs reunited.

201 new members.

1,731 posts.

23,183  missing dog alerts sent to helpers.

54,000 visitors.


  1. sandra watt (Jenkins) 12 months ago

    Jayne – thanks for providing the stats which are really useful to know. I read all your Blogs and find them all really interesting. It’s great idea to promote the thunderclaps as lots of people who dont use facebook miss these. I have been following the Lost and Found programme on Channel 4 and love it, its great to see Dog Lost getting the publicity they deserve – keep up the good work with the Blogs x x

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 12 months ago

      Thanks Sandra….Would like to write longer blogs but either the phone goes or another missing dog comes in….One of these days will get time to describe a typical day and what admin has to do behind scenes to get the details up correctly!

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