Doglost needs your help building a new website

Doglost is building a new website and needs your help! If you think you have the skills or know anyone who does then let us know via the link at the end.

As you may know the doglost website has not changed much in recent years and it’s starting to get a bit long in the tooth in this modern world of mobile apps and responsive design. There are many things we’d like to do to improve it, but our current technology is making that difficult.

Although you won’t have seen much visible change lately we have been hard at work in between day-jobs, families and helping the dogs and owners in need. We’ve been quietly making sure that it stays as stable as possible and that we can recover should anything go wrong.

After much thought, we have come with a plan to get us from where we are now to a much better platform for helping dogs and owners in need, and it goes something like this:

  1. ✔️ Source control the existing site code (with git & github)
  2. ✔️ Docker-ize the existing php site – done
  3. ✔️ Add a regression test suite to key areas with  – done (more coverage would be good though)
  4. 🐾 Deploy a new “staging” copy of the site to new hosting with kubernetes – work in progress
  5. 🐾 Productionize the new hosting and deploy a production copy of the site – todo
  6. 🐾 Automate deployments from code – todo
  7. 🐾 Add a CDN (content distribution network) such as cloudflare in front of the site – todo
  8. 🐾 Point the domain at the new hosting (with the load balancer) – todo
  9. ✔️ Spike a new site in sails.js & next.js to see what the tech fits like – done, we like sails.js but are still open to persuasion
  10. 🐾 Move one page/feature at a time to the new codebase without innovating too much, redirecting traffic between the old and new sites as users move around the site. The sites will share the database. – todo
  11. 🐾 Turn off the old site.

This plan allows us to avoid the big-bang rewrite that so often results in failure.

As you probably realise, the above is quite a lot of work for our currently tiny and 100% volunteer tech team to get done in any reasonable time; as a result we could really use your help. We think this is a pretty interesting project on a technical level and is for an excellent cause.

This work is being led by an experienced technologist with 20 years in the tech industry who is more than happy to mentor and share knowledge to anyone who wants to help.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in then let us know you can help here:

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