DogLost dog walk.

Message from ChrisM -Area volunteer, Greater Manchester.

“We would like to say a Huge thank you to Julie Lamb and Demon. Julie has arranged a walk through Borsdane Woods Hindley wigan on Sunday 4th March

Meeting 12 noon in Danes Ave. It was suggested to her by Tony Roscoe that people donate to join the walk with DEMON and Monies raised to be donated to we are very grateful to you both and look forward to seeing you all there xxx Funds raised will go directly to the NorthWest team to help with the purchase of traps and scanners.

Could not resist using this photo of my Dog…. HANDS/PAWS up who is coming. “

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    Christine 3 years ago

    Due to the current weather and forecasts we have decided to rearrange the walk for another time. We will update once a new date is scheduled

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